Conscious Capitalism Conference May 22 to 23, 2012

Conscious Cultures: Building a Flourishing Business on Love and Care

Hosted at Bentley University, the Fourth Annual Conference on Conscious Capitalism features a blend of corporate leaders, academics and thought leaders, rethinking the fundamental precepts of how we conceptualize, run and teach about business and its impact on the world.

The conference theme is: Conscious Cultures: Building a Flourishing Business on Love and Care. Conscious businesses have distinctive cultures that help to sustain their adherence to their higher purpose and their orientation towards maintaining a harmony of interests across stakeholders. Conscious cultures are self-sustaining, self-healing and evolutionary. They are resilient (though not impervious) to changes in leadership or external context.  In this conference, we will explore what a truly conscious culture looks like, hear from the leaders of companies that have built and sustained such cultures and look at what the journey towards creating a Conscious Culture entails.

The conference will feature interactive workshops on a number of themes, including several directly related to the culture theme. These include workshops on cultural assessment and measurement, cultural transformation, "jobcrafting," and fostering organizational creativity.

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