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The primary mission of the Counseling Center is to assist students by providing them with information and opportunities for self examination so they can make enlightened decisions and thereby define and accomplish their personal and academic goals. Simultaneously, this office promotes and supports the development of a comprehensive educational process that offers each student the opportunity to realize his or her optimum potential.

The Counseling Center exists in partnership with other service areas of Bentley University to provide students with a comprehensive educational experience. Consequently, we believe that it is essential to engage interdependently with other professionals in delivering curricular and co-curricular services. Our office strives to complement a highly structured academic program. As partners we collectively produce a synergetic learning environment for students.

It is our intent to deal with life issues relevant to the students we serve, and to encourage an integrated understanding of their cognitive, affective, behavioral, social, and spiritual experiences. In so doing, our interactions with students are fundamentally aligned with our belief that stimulation and challenge balanced with support is critical to human development. Our primary methods for dealing with students incorporate counseling, psychotherapy, proactive outreach programming, consulting, and advising a consonant with the developmental needs of college students. All services are provided within the framework of legal statutes and relevant ethical standards.

In order that professional staff may work in an effective and efficient manner we must be continually abreast of and contribute to new finding in the area of human development. It is particularly important that we maintain an accurate awareness of current issues which are germane to college students and their environment. Moreover, we believe we have a responsibility to exercise our knowledge in deliberate and considered ways with faculty, staff, and students such that we are known within the Bentley community to be a competent and available resource. Likewise, outside of the Bentley community, we have a responsibility to connect with other service professionals, be active in professional organizations, and appropriately represent ourselves and the institution.

As practitioners of student development services it is incumbent upon us to present students with healthy role models. By virtue of our work we are often in a position to influence students and act as mentors. Consequently, we have an obligation to be cognizant of how we interact with members of the campus community, particularly students, and how our manner impacts upon them.