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Interdisciplinary Course Policies

Service Learning Courses

Certain courses include a 4th credit Service Learning option. Students are required to conduct community service and produce either written or oral reports that integrate service with the course syllabus at the discretion of the instructor. 

For more information on the Learning Communities Program, please contact Edward Zlotkowski, Morison 101A,  x2592.

Diversity, International and Communication Intensive Courses

Courses that meet the university's course focus requirements are designated as D (Diversity), I (International) and CI (Communication Intensive).  These course designations are listed in the Scheduling Booklet or on BannerWeb in the class search function. 

Cluster Courses

Learning Community Program Clusters

Another prominent and growing component of interdisciplinary studies at Bentley is the Learning Communities Program. Each semester, a number of courses are grouped together in "learning communities" or "clusters." These clusters, consisting of two or three courses, are linked together around common themes and typically share assignments, classroom activities, and other special projects. The students and professors form a learning community that can explore ideas from different perspectives and make connections between different disciplines. Clusters can enable students to expand their professional knowledge and skills well beyond what they can normally achieve in a single course. (Cluster courses are designated by a "C" in the section number.)