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Awards Administration


In conjunction with the Principal Investigator, the college administers all external awards received by the college on behalf of a faculty member. The PI and the designated administrator both sign off on all expenditures. The college's administrator oversees compliance with the agency's regulations and procedures. In general, this administrator files any financial reports that may be required while the faculty member is responsible for meeting program reporting requirements.

At the time of award, the PI or project director should contact Donna McKnight-Iwany, the Assistant Director of Accounting in the Office of Financial Operations. The Assistant Director will discuss the college's oversight of such activities as time and effort reporting, approval of expenditures, and timely submission of reports.

The college adheres to the administrative principles (such as those set forth in Office of Management and Budget circulars A-133 and A-21, as applicable) and to additional requirements of individual granting agencies (such as the National Science Foundation's Award and Administration Guide, or the Education Department general Administration Regulations). It also follows additional regulations of individual programs and awards.