Business schools

Business schools are training a new kind of leader.

The business world is rapidly changing and business schools and today are training new leaders who can navigate this evolving landscape. As companies seek to stay ahead of trends, respond to market forces and maximize new technologies, they are seeking individuals who see the business world from a global perspective, who have deep technical skills to match their business acumen, and whose high ethical standards will help them make a difference in the world. The best business schools are helping meet this demand by training students to think more broadly, to focus on innovation and to understand the power of technology to solve business challenges.

With undergraduate and graduate schools in Boston, Bentley University is a nationally ranked institution and one of the business schools actively preparing a new generation business leaders.

Bentley University: one of the nation's top ranked business schools.

Bentley University's undergraduate and graduate schools offer degrees that combine advanced business courses and training in the latest college technology with the broader perspective of a liberal arts education. This unique blend better positions Bentley graduates for success in their field of choice. With the breadth of curriculum of larger universities and the values and student-centric focus of much smaller schools, Bentley is one of the business schools that is proactively preparing students for the realities of new business world.

Located on a classic New England campus just west of Boston, Bentley offers students:

  • An innovative curriculum steeped in business, technology and liberal arts.
  • A faculty that excels at combining real-world experience with cutting edge research and excellent instruction.
  • Facilities (like the Design and Usability Lab) and technology that are state-of-the-art and that prepare students to better integrate technology into real-world problem solving.

Bentley's MBA programs cater both to students just entering the business world as well as the experienced professional looking to dramatically increase skills and leadership ability. Masters of Science degrees offer deep expertise in areas from e-commerce to capital markets to systems development and allow students to learn through innovative experiential learning programs. And the undergraduate school's programs blend business, technology and the arts and sciences in academic programs that students can shape to fit their skills, interests and career goals.

Get a head start on your business career through the school's alumni network.

One of the school's greatest draws for students is its strong record of job placement. Students in many disciplines are heavily recruited by local, regional and national organizations, and a strong and active alumni network provides students with invaluable contacts as they enter the business world.

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