• What Women Face and What They Can Do About It

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  • An ocean's shore at sunset is just one symbol of millennials' optimism for the future.

    NowUKnow: The Unbridled Optimism of Millennials

    Despite their challenges, millennials may be the most optimistic generation this country has ever known.

  • Starting College? 10 Tips from a 20-Something CEO

    Millennial marketing guru Shama Hyder offers the Bentley University Class of 2018 her best advice on making their college experience count.

  • 5 Books for Millennials to Get Ahead

    Must-read books on what it takes to succeed in your career.

  • A diverse group of millennials walks confidently on the Bentley University campus.

    Beyond the Headlines: 2 Simple Ways to Make Millennials Happy

    What does it really take to make milllennials happy in the workplace? It might be easier than you think.

  • Preparing the Millennial Generation for Success

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