• What Women Face and What They Can Do About It

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    5 Tough Questions for Millennials and Employers

    Millennials and employers are tackling the same issues from different sides. Here are some important questions they should keep in mind.

  • A bulging bicep reminds of the increasing power millennials have in the business world.

    NowUKnow: 72 Million Millennials Can't Be Wrong About This

    Watch out, corporate America: Millennials intend to radically change the system from within. And they have the power to do so.

  • Companies Where Millennials Thrive

    Companies Where Millennials Thrive: OpenSesame

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    Beyond the Headlines: The Myth of the Moocher Millennial

    Despite the stereotypes, millennials aren't the slackers they're made out to be, after all.

  • Preparing the Millennial Generation for Success

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NowUKnow: The Power Millennials Don't Know They Have
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Generational Voices: Is Flexibility Just One More Selfish Millennial Demand?
Is workplace flexibility just one more example of the self-centeredness of 20-somethings? A millennial and a Baby Boomer weigh in.

Companies Where Millennials Thrive: Arbella Insurance Group
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