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Interviews are a great way for you to help us learn more about you.

Interviews are an opportunity to meet one-on-one with an admission representative. You should consider an interview if:

  • You want to discuss in more detail the academic experience or social fit to determine if Bentley is a school you should apply to
  • You want to provide context around a particular achievement or situation that will be important for the admission committee to consider and cannot be expressed in writing
  • Have concerns about your candidacy for admission

If you are accompanied by members of your family, they will be invited to join you after your conversation with the admission representative.

Scheduling an Interview

Please note: From now through March, the Admission committee is in session and therefore we have limited visit offerings so that we may focus on reviewing applications. If you feel an aspect of your application requires further explanation or you have questions about the application process, please contact us at 781.891.2244 and one of our admission counselors would be happy to speak with you.

If you are not applying for Fall 2016, interview opportunities will become available starting late March.

If you are a prospective transfer student and would like to interview, please visit our transfer appointment calendar to sign up for an interview.

Applicants from Mainland China

For Chinese applicants interested in Bentley University, we have partnered with Vericant ( who will conduct video interviews and facilitate short writing samples with our applicants in Mainland China. Vericant does not evaluate candidates but, provides our admissions team additional information to complete our holistic application review process. A Vericant interview is not mandatory, but it is available to allow you to showcase your skills and professionalism to our admissions team. The deadline for interviewing with Vericant is December 31, 2015.

To learn more about Vericant and to schedule an interview, please visit Vericant's Website