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Executive Fellows

Through the Ernest A. Kallman Executive Fellows Program the W. Michael Hoffman Center for Business Ethics (HCBE) at Bentley University is honored to have an advisory body drawn from a select number of highly regarded business ethics practitioners and thinkers. The program was created in a spirit of mutual benefit in which the Hoffman CBE is strengthened by the fellows’ experience and insights into emerging trends in business ethics, while the fellows engage in collegial exchange with other seasoned professionals brought together under the auspices of the oldest business ethics center of its kind.

The Kallman Executive Fellows Program was created to support the Hoffman CBE in its mission to assist businesses to develop ethical cultures and practices, to foster thoughtful investigations on issues of business ethics, and to respond to public concerns on matters pertaining to the moral conduct of business.

Formed in the spirit of specialized think tanks, the fellows are dedicated to the advancement of the business ethics movement. In addition to their periodic meetings centered around thoughtful dialogue on cutting-edge business ethics issues, they also network and confer with each other on an individual basis. They enrich the center through their active participation in the Hoffman CBE conferences, lectures, and other educational programs.

On occasion, Kallman Executive Fellows may be available to speak to classes, organizations,and meetings on matters pertaining to business ethics, or to provide related consulting services.

Ernest A. Kallman, PhD (1936-1996), was the project manager and research fellow at the W. Michael Hoffman Center for Business Ethics as well as professor of Computer Information Systems at Bentley University. The Executive Fellows Program is named in his memory.

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Emeritus Executive Fellows

Past Executive Fellows

Please contact Mary Chiasson for information on any aspect of the program. 

Hoffman Center for Business Ethics Faculty Advisory Council 

Given the essential role of ethics in ensuring that business operate in a manner respectful of all its stakeholders, the Hoffman Center for Business Ethics (HCBE) formed the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC). 
The FAC is designed to advance a dynamic conversation on current business ethics issues across all departments and beyond the Bentley campus.

A Mission to Build on a Tradition of Business Ethics Leadership

The mission of the FAC is:

To advise HCBE to keep it apprised of emerging trends in the field of business ethics;

To assist the Center in reaching out and responding to the needs, concerns and interests of the Bentley community pertaining to business ethics;

To serve in a liaison role between HCBE and Bentley faculty to better showcase faculty research in the area of business ethics;

To facilitate speaking engagements on business ethics;

To provide business ethics consulting services to businesses or organizations.

An Active Forum for Exchanging Ideas and Advancing Business Ethics Research

In support of its mission, the FAC will initiate various activities to engage with the Bentley community. These include the following:

To organize lectures or seminars that would feature work related to business ethics by Bentley faculty or other scholars in the region;

To organize discussions on timely topics pertaining to business ethics;

To provide collegial council to other faculty members engaged in research that has an ethics dimension.

Members of the Faculty Advisory Council Are as Follows:

1. Jill Brown, Management Department: To see Prof. Brown’s bio and a list               

    of her publications, click here.

2. Tony Buono, Management Department: To see Prof. Buono’s bio, and a list             

    of his publications, click here.  

3. Cynthia Clark, Management Department: To see Prof. Clark’s bio and a list           

    of her publications, click here.

4. Robert Frederick, Philosophy Department: To see Prof. Frederick’s bio and a list  

    of his publications, click here.

5. Jeff Moriarty, Philosophy Department: To see Prof. Moriarty’s bio and a list           

    of his publications, click here.

6. Joe Weiss, Management Department: To see Prof. Weiss’s bio and a list               

    of his publications, click here.


Visiting Scholars

One of the great resources of the W. Michael Hoffman Center for Business Ethics is the Visiting Scholars Program, in operation for more than 20 years. During this period, we have had scholars from at least 20 countries in addition to several from the U.S. Visiting Scholars work at the Hoffman CBE for a period of a couple of weeks or as long as a year. During this period they work in the collegial setting in the HCBE extensive business ethics library and the Bentley community to advance their PhD dissertation or particular research projects. 

Certainly we at the center gain as much from these Visiting Scholars as we give to them. During their stays with us they have furthered their research into many aspects of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. After completing their stay, they return better equipped to contribute to the development of the field of business ethics both in the United States and abroad; moreover, they join the ranks of a growing international network of friends of Bentley and the Hoffman CBE.

Through the generosity of the John L. Casey family, funding will be available to assist Visiting Scholars in purchasing research materials. Jack Casey was the first Executive Fellow of the W. Michael Hoffman Center for Business Ethics at Bentley University.

If you have an interest in being considered as a CBE Visiting Scholar, please review the application information; for more information, contact Mary Chiasson.


1. Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional business fraternity with chapters at more than 200 of the top universities in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom.  It was founded in 1904 to support the growing need for formal business education at universities and to educate future business executives in leadership and professional ethics. Through this partnership the W. Michael Hoffman Center for Business Ethics (HCBE) has access to the membership of Alpha Kappa Psi for purposes of promoting ethics and the Center’s programs, and in turn HCBE is committed to supporting Alpha Kappa Psi in promoting its programs and providing the fraternity with speakers as well as materials pertaining to ethics education.

2. Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI)

Back in 1991, the Hoffman CBE was the “facilitating institution” that led to the creation of what would become the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association (ECOA), now the Ethics & Compliance Intiative (ECI), with Dr. Hoffman, HCBE’s founding Executive Director, serving as the ECOA’s first Executive Director for five years and then as Advisor to the ECOA Board for ten years. From the beginning, the two organizations have worked closely to help in the advancement and professionalization of the corporate ethics movement. Emblematic of this partnership has been the annual “Managing Ethics in Organizations (MEO)” course that is co-hosted by the two organizations. MEO is the leading executive education course for those seeking to advance their expertise in the professional management of ethics in organizations.

3. Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO)

With strong connections to many Spanish universities and scholars, the recently founded Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations (IECO) based in Valencia, Spain, promises to be one of the leading business ethics research institutes in Europe. The Hoffman CBE and IECO have agreed to share their facilities in order to promote research in the areas of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Both centers have agreed to make their facilities mutually accessible to PhD candidates, post-doctoral students, professors and executives as visiting scholars. In this way they will make available the use of their respective libraries and other resources in the service of advancing the users academic and professional careers and to further the advancement of the business ethics movement generally.

4. Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE)

With 13,500 members, the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) is one of the leading associations for professionals in the business ethics and compliance field.  Through its many educational programs, Ethikos newsletter, as well as news and discussion forums, the SCCE has an influential role in defining and shaping the corporate compliance environment across a wide range of industries and geographic regions. The Hoffman CBE is pleased to have developed a valued partnership with the SCCE in which both organizations support and promote each other’s educational initiatives, and in so doing seek to strengthen the place of business ethics across the US business community and beyond.