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Professional Activities of Kallman Fellows

Jeff Oak from Bon Secours Health System, Inc. spoke at the Digital Analytics Association (DAA).
It is the national organization and the Philadelphia Chapter that hosted this particular symposium – link to website.  The speaker topic was “Ethics in Analytics.” 
Drexel University’s - MacAlister Hall in Philadelphia.
October 19, 2017

Leon Goldman spoke in Professor Soterios Zoulas’ Managerial Communications class
He discussed applying corporate values when responding to shareholders, regulators, and the public when facing an organizational crisis.
Bentley University
March 28, 2017

Tim Schultz spoke in Professor Soterios Zoulas’ Managerial Communications class
He discussed video programs and showed PowerPoints developed at Raytheon illustrating issues encountered in actual cases to build ethical awareness and decision-making skills.
Bentley University
March 27, 2017

Bobby Kipp spoke in Professor Alec Cram’s Strategic IT Alignment class
She spoke about governance, risk, and compliance.
Bentley University  
March 16, 2017

Tony Messina spoke in Elaine Walker’s class. She is the Director of the Human Resources Concentration in the Management Department
This session was an opportunity for the students to ask any HR or ethics questions they desired in a totally open forum.
Bentley University
February 22, 2017

"Annual Joint Meeting of the Estate Planning Council and the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning"
(Speaker: Dawn-Marie Driscoll)
January 15, 2015
Estate Planning Council, Partnership for Philanthropic Planning

"Compliance and Ethics Symposium 2013"
(Speaker: Leon Goldman)
May 23, 2013
Office of Compliance and Review, Commonwealth Medicine