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The Jeanne & Dan Valente Center for Arts & Sciences


Fusion of the Arts & Sciences


The Valente Center is dedicated to fusing the arts & sciences into the educational, scholarly, and cultural life of Bentley University. We host a variety of campus-wide programs aimed at supporting Bentley’s core mission through diverse and creative A&S-related research, teaching, and learning. We offer opportunites for students and faculty such as fellowships, seminars, and research opportunities. Read why business students more than ever need an education integrated with liberal-arts classes to be better prepared for the fast changing world.

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Former Valente Center Director, Gesa Kirsch, publishes new book!

Join us for a lively discussion at the Venture Café (Cancun) Thursday evening, March 23, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm with Gesa Kirsch and Suzie Rawden.

Spring 2017 Valente Center Distinguished Visiting Scholar

Dr. Wayne Norman, Mike & Ruth Mackowski Professor of Ethics, Duke University


Wednesday, March 29

3:30 pm

Wilder Pavilion

Some of the central institutions in contemporary liberal democracies are deliberately adversarial or competitive: e.g., business and markets, criminal and civil law, democratic politics, sports, scientific research, and journalism. Other societies have used, and sometimes still use, non-competitive, hierarchically organized institutions to do what most advanced states now do through these competitive institutions. Is it possible that there is a common underlying structure for adversarial ethics that helps to explain and justify both (a) the permissibility of “playing to win” along with some exemptions from everyday cooperative norms, as well as (b) the basic rationale for both regulations and professional beyond-compliance norms within each of these adversarial domains?.

This event is free and open to the public. Contact Valente Center Director Dave Szymanski ( with questions.