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The Jeanne & Dan Valente Center for Arts & Sciences

Fusion of the Arts & Sciences

The Valente Center is dedicated to fusing the arts & sciences into the educational, scholarly, and cultural life of Bentley University. We host a variety of campus-wide programs aimed at supporting Bentley’s core mission through diverse and creative A&S-related research, teaching, and learning. We offer opportunites for students and faculty such as fellowships, seminars, and research opportunities.

Just Annouced: Spring 2017 Semester Undergraduate Fellows Seminar

"Big Brother is Watching: Government Surveillance and Society"

Will meet Tuesdays from 11:00am to 1:50pm

The Undergraduate Fellows Seminar is a three-credit course that meets every week during the selected semester. It includes 12 to 15 highly motivated students and four professors who read and learn together. Their is no traditional "teacher" in that students lead the seminar discussions while collaborating alongside the faculty members. 

Have questions about the Undergraduate Fellows Seminar? Learn more about how it works and make sure to check out previous semester seminars

Seminar Details:

Faculty: Rob DeLeo [Department of Global Studies], Donna Fletcher [Department of Finance], Monica Garfield [Department of Computer Information Systems], Greg Farber [Department of English and Media Studies], Christian Rubio [Department of Modern Languages]

Books: 1984 (Nineteen Eighty Four) by George Orwell and V for Vendetta by Alan Moore