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The Jeanne & Dan Valente Center for Arts & Sciences


Fusion of the Arts & Sciences


The Valente Center is dedicated to fusing the arts & sciences into the educational, scholarly, and cultural life of Bentley University. We host a variety of campus-wide programs aimed at supporting Bentley’s core mission through diverse and creative A&S-related research, teaching, and learning. We offer opportunites for students and faculty such as fellowships, seminars, and research opportunities. Read why business students more than ever need an education integrated with liberal-arts classes to be better prepared for the fast changing world.

Coming Up:.

Annual Valente Center Book Party

Wednesday, May 3

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

LaCava, Faculty Staff Dining Room

The Deans of Business and Arts & Sciences and the Valente Center for The Arts & Sciences congratulate all Bentley faculty and staff who have published a book in the past year.