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Innovation and Excellence in the Arts and Sciences

Exciting News:

Vangard Article - Prof. Deichmann’s short-term course to the Balkans "It is a tremendous honor to have had the privilege to work on such a scholarly and intellectually-satisfying project that was made possible by the Valente Center and their Undergraduate Research Assistantship grants."  Shivam Senjalia, Bentley University Class of 2014.

Gesa Kirsch to Explore Female Writers’ Impact on Abolitionism and Suffrage, English professor Gesa Kirsch was accepted to the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute “Transcendentalism and Social Action in the Age of Emerson, Thoreau, and Fuller,” July 7-20 in Concord, Mass

The Annual Valente Center Annual Book Party

The Deans of Business, Arts & Sciences and the Valente Center congratulate all Bentley faculty who have published a book in the past year.

Faculty who published a single author, joint author or edited volume 2015/2016. 
Authors and works that were honored:

Spring 2015, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm Faculty Dining Room

Chris Beneke, Christopher S. Grenda, and David Nash, “Profane: Sacrilegious Expression in a Multicultural Age”

Dan Everett, “No duermas, hay serpientes: Vida y lenguaje en la Amazonia”

Mark Frydenberg, “Discovering Computers 2016:  Tools, Apps, Devices, and the Impact of Technology”

Jennifer Gillan, “Television Brandcasting: The Return of the Content-Promotion Hybrid”

Deborah Gregory, “Unmasking Financial Psychopaths: Inside the Minds of Investors in the Twenty-First Century”

Nathaniel Lin, “Applied Business Analytics: Integrating Business Process, Big Data, and Advanced Analytics”

Linda McJannet, “Sultan Konuşuyor: Osmanlı Türklerini Konu Alan İngiliz Tiyatro Oyunlarında ve Tarih Kitaplarında Diyalo”

Randy Nichols, “The Video Game Business”

Bill Schiano and Espen Andersen, “Teaching with Cases: A Practical Guide”

Kristin Sorensen, “Los medios, la memoria, y los derechos humanos en Chile”

Heikki Topi and Allen Tucker, “Computing Handbook: Information Systems and Information Technology”

Val Wang, “Beijing Bastard: Into the Wilds of a Changing China”