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Student Research Assistantship Program

Overview of the Program:

The Student Research Assistantship program provides an opportunity for talented, industrious undergraduate students to work closely with faculty members in an area of special interest. Research assistantships are selected students who will work exclusively on research projects. Your work-study eligibility will not be affected; however, you will have to report what you earn to the IRS as taxable income. Also, no students are permitted to work more than 20 hours a week.  

Students majoring in any field and in any year of study are eligible to apply to become a research assistant. You will receive an e-mail the beginning of each semester announcing the positions available. If you think you might be interested in this opportunity please e-mail Janice McMahon applying for a specific position and at that time, you will be asked to submit the following:

  • a current c. v. or resume;
  • A cover letter including a brief statement indicating what particular skills you have, including computer, research, and language abilities, relevant to that position; 
  • A list of Bentley arts and sciences electives that you have taken

Information for Faculty:

Every year, the Valente Center invites applications from full-time faculty members in the arts & sciences for undergraduate student research assistants. The primary goal is to provide faculty with smart, motivated student assistants, and to provide student assistants with substantive supervised research experience. Students in the past have gone on to present research with faculty at professional conferences, to co-author joint papers, and to apply to graduate school as a result of their research assistantships.

Faculty will review student applications as they arrive on a rolling basis and selected students will be contacted directly by faculty members. 


These assistantships are generously provided to the Valente Center by Jeanne and Dan Valente.