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Merit-Based Scholarships

Classroom imageMany scholarships are based on criteria such as academic strength, athletic ability, leadership, or community service. Non-need-based scholarship funding is awarded for financial aid, through the admissions process and usually has a grade point average (GPA) or other requirement for renewal in subsequent years. It is your responsibility to know the criteria you need to meet for renewal of your scholarship.

If you are awarded a scholarship through the admissions process and also have financial need, your merit award will be incorporated into your need-based financial aid package.

Every freshman applicant is automatically considered for merit scholarships as part of the application process. No separate application is required. Please see our Undergraduate Admissions page for more information.

Women's Leadership Program

Bentley is proud to offer the Women’s Leadership program through our Center for Women in Business (CWB). Incoming students are selected based on demonstrated leadership potential while in high school, and participants receive a substantial annual award. For more information click here