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Types of Financial Aid

There are many factors that go into how we create your financial aid package.

We use two different methods to determine the specific funds that may be awarded to you; the first to assess your eligibility for federal and most state aid programs, and the second to evaluate your eligibility for Bentley funds.

Depending on your circumstances, you may receive one or a combination of:


If you’ve excelled in the classroom, you may be eligible for a scholarship based on academic achievement. These awards are based on merit, not financial need, and do not need to be repaid.

All first-year applicants are automatically considered for these scholarships as part of the admission process. No additional application is required. 

Women's Leadership Program

Each year, Bentley selects a group of high-achieving incoming students, who have demonstrated strong leadership potential while in high school to participate in the Women's Leadership Program. The four-year leadership program empowers young women with the essential skills, real-world experiences, and confidence needed to advance into leadership roles.

CWB Leaders receive an award of $10,000 per year, totaling $40,000 toward their undergraduate education at Bentley.  The application for the Women's Leadership Program is due on January 7, 2018. For more information visit here.  


Bentley grants do not need to be repaid and vary in amount based on your family’s need.  Eligibility for need-based aid will be determined by completing the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE.

You also may be eligible for federal and state grants to help meet your need. Top athletes may be awarded need-based grants to supplement Bentley grants. Please visit the Office of Financial Assistance website to learn more about grants at Bentley.

Student Loans

A low-interest educational loan, the Federal Stafford Loan offers two options:

  1. Subsidized. For students with financial need, the subsidized loan does not accrue interest and no payments are required while you are enrolled.
  1. Unsubsidized. For students without financial need, the unsubsidized loan does accrue interest while you are enrolled. You can either pay this while you are in school, or defer the interest payments until you graduate.

The borrowing limits for this loan are:

First-Years: $5,500 (no more than $3,500 subsidized)
Sophomores: $6,500 (no more than $4,500 subsidized)
Juniors and Seniors: $7,500 (no more than $5,500 subsidized)

If you have significant financial need, we also may offer you a Federal Perkins Loan with a fixed interest rate of 5 percent, which does not accrue while you are enrolled. Please visit the Office of Financial Assistance website to learn more about types and sources of aid available at Bentley.

Work Opportunities

Gain new skills by taking an on-campus job through programs funded by the federal government and Bentley. Off-campus positions are available as well through our service-learning program. Please visit the Office of Financial Assistance website to learn more about Bentley's work opportunities for students.

Other Resources

Additional resources you may be eligible to use to meet your Bentley costs include:

Outside Scholarships

In most cases, outside scholarships won’t impact your Bentley financial aid award. Research what’s available at sites like:

Payment Plans

Spread your college costs over five months each semester through our payment plan.

Federal PLUS Loan

The Federal PLUS Loan offers a fixed interest rate of 6.31 percent; the repayment period extends up to ten years.

Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority

MEFA offers fixed-rate parent and student loans with immediate, deferred or interest-only repayment options.

Private Lenders

Variable-rate loans are available through private banks and lenders. A U.S. co-signer is usually required if the student is the primary borrower.