Tax Information


Payroll Office does not provide tax advice.

Mandatory Taxes - 2013 Tax Rates:

Social Security, tax rate is 6.20% wage base limit of $113,700

Medicare, tax rate is 1.45% with no limit.
Federal, tax rate is based on exemptions claimed and graduated tax brackets.
(Supplemental tax rate on additional pay is a flat 25%)
Massachusetts State, tax rate is 5.25% and based on exemptions claimed.  

To change your tax status:

You may change your tax status by filling out a new W4 or M4 at any time during the year. Forms are available on-line at the IRS web site

(for W4's) or The Commonwealth of Massachusetts  web site 
 (for M4's). In addition, you may pick up either form at the Payroll Office (Rau 008). Tax withholding changes require a signed original form that must be submitted to the Payroll Office. 

View your tax withholding status for Federal and State on
If incorrect please notify Payroll (781-891-2154) immediately.

W2 Tax Form:

Available to view or print on your MyBentley portal.  Tax years available back to 1997.  Posted annually by mid-January.

If you have any questions you may call us at 781-891-2154 
or email us at,