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Tax Information


The Payroll Office does not provide tax advice

2014 Tax Rates

Social Security:  rate is 6.20% and has a wage limit of $117,000

Medicare: rate is 1.45% with no limit
                additional Medicare tax effective January 1, 2013,  .9% on wages greater than $200K

Federal: rate is calaculated based on status & exemptions and graduated tax brackets set by the IRS
              supplemental tax rate on additional wages is a flat 25%

Massachusetts: rate is 5.2% and based on exemptions claimed 

To change your tax withholdings:

You may change your tax status by filling out a new W4 (federal) or M4 (state of MA) at any time during the year. 

The IRS has helpful tools to determine federal withholdings for your W4:

Links to 2014 withholding forms: -W4 -M4

Print the applicable form for a tax withholding change, complete, sign and submitt original form to the Payroll Office, RAU 012