Director's Welcome

Susan Newell, Director Welcome to the Bentley University PhD website. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the two PhD programs (in accountancy and business) at Bentley University. I hope that as you browse here, you will get a feel for our unique programs.

We have specifically tried to incorporate the best of various approaches to PhD training in our program. In particular, we only accept individuals when there is a match between their own research interests and the interests of a faculty member who is willing and able to mentor the student through the program. Moreover, while there are a range of core classes that each student must take, we also tailor the PhD to the unique interests of the student. Thus, our PhDs incorporate the opportunity to take independent study classes in areas that suit the particular research and career ambitions of the student.

Our two programs are both thematically focused around business, society and technology, aligning with the particular strengths of faculty in our distinctive institution. At Bentley, although we are a business-focused institution, faculty in arts and science disciplines are an integral part of the university, working alongside faculty in the business disciplines and contributing to the PhD program in numerous ways to ensure that our students receive a broad liberal education that will enable them to work at the interstices of disciplines, as well gaining the depth in a particular chosen field of study. It is the broad yet deep education that we believe will equip them for a career in either academia or business.

The business degree is inherently inter-disciplinary, encompassing a core of economics, organization theory and information systems. The accountancy degree is a more traditional disciplinary degree, but still provides for courses in business ethics and corporate social responsibility and globalization, as does the business degree. And both PhDs provide a full-range of method and methodology courses, including qualitative and quantitative, to ensure that students are equipped with the necessary research skills as they move forward to conduct their own research.

Bentley also provides an excellent physical environment in which to study. Our beautiful campus is located about nine miles from the center of Boston, and of course, Boston itself is a thriving educational city, so that there are many opportunities for engagement with scholars in other local institutions. We also encourage students to develop global connections, including studying for a period at an institution in a different country, in order to help broaden understanding of the global context of both education and business.

I encourage you to find out more about our PhD programs. If you are stimulated and excited by what you read here then please consider attending one of our recruiting sessions or contact us to discuss whether the program is a good fit, given your interests and ambitions.

Kind regards,

Sue Newell
Director, PhD Programs
Cammarata Professor of Management

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