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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Bentley University PhD website. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our PhD programs in Accountancy and in Business. I hope that as you browse here, you will get a feel for our unique programs.

We take a personalized approach to doctoral education.  Before accepting a student, we work to create a match between their research interests and the interests of a faculty member who is willing and able to mentor the student through the program.   While the faculty advisor may change later on if a student changes research focus, we ensure that the student is never left on their own.  Moreover, while there are a range of core classes that each student must take, we also customize the PhD to the unique interests of the student. Each year, we base our elective offerings on what research fields are of interest to students.  We fit the curriculum to what best benefits the students rather than making the students fit into the curriculum.  This gives students more relevant course work and allows them to pursue the research topics that interest them.   

Although we are a business-focused institution, faculty in arts and science disciplines are an integral part of the university.  Working alongside the faculty in the business disciplines, they contribute to the PhD program in numerous ways to ensure that our students receive a broad liberal education.  This enables them to work at the intersection of disciplines and helps them to gain depth in a particular chosen field of study.

The business degree is inherently inter-disciplinary, encompassing a core of economics, organization theory, and information systems. Accountancy is a more traditional disciplinary degree, but still provides for courses in business ethics and corporate social responsibility, as does the business degree. And both PhDs provide a full-range of method and methodology courses, including qualitative and quantitative, to ensure that students are equipped with the necessary research skills as they move forward to conduct their own research.

Bentley also provides an excellent physical environment in which to study. Our beautiful campus is located approximately nine miles from the center of Boston.  Boston itself is a thriving educational city, so that there are many opportunities for engagement with scholars in other local institutions. Bentley provides a free shuttle bus which runs on a loop between Bentley’s campus and Harvard Square.  We also encourage students to develop global connections, including studying for a period at an institution in a different country, in order to help broaden understanding of the global context of both education and business.

We support our students with free tuition and university fees, free health insurance, stipends to cover living expenses, and funding for conference travel.   At Bentley University, we care about the success of every student.  This personalized approach has allowed us to create successful graduates who now hold faculty positions at prestigious institutions.  A few examples of recent placements include Brown University, Copenhagen Business School, Clark University, College of Charleston, Northeastern University, Bryant University, Suffolk University, Providence College, Penn State, UMass Dartmouth, and Villanova University. 

Should you require more information, feel free to contact us to discuss whether the program is a good fit, given your interests and ambitions.  We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors, wherever they may lead you.

Kind regards,

Michael Quinn, PhD
Director, PhD Programs
Professor of Economics