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Master Contracts

The following directory profiles the most frequently used Bentley University campus-wide Master Contracts. With regard for Bentley standards and adherence to contractual commitments, the Bentley community is required to purchase goods and services offered through such vendors, regardless of respective order procedure.

Many Master Contracts are negotiated independently by our office; others are negotiated by affiliated buying groups.  Each contract is negotiated on behalf of Bentley or buying group by pooling buying power to obtain favorable pricing and contract terms.

These buying groups include: the Educational and Institutional Cooperative; the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium; the Boston Higher Education Consortium; and the Medical Academic Scientific Community Organization (MASCO Services). 

Contract pricing is based upon a committed aggregate purchasing volume for the specific good or service.  Each contract is governed by terms and conditions that protect the interests of Bentley. The directory also identifies companies that are considered ‘preferred vendors.’ These are recommended companies that do not have formal contracts with Bentley.

This directory should be used as a desk reference. When needing to make a departmental purchase or contacting a vendor, simply refer to the directory for contact as well as contract information.  Each profile provides necessary guidelines for order placement.

Additionally, available web site addresses and links are listed under each respective profile. Visiting these sites enables a customer to view products and services offered.

This directory, a valuable resource to members of the Bentley community, enables efficient and effective navigation of the ordering  process. We encourage reference to this directory and consider it to be Bentley’s own ‘Yellow Pages.’

Master Contract Directory:

A Guide to Campus-wide Contracts and Preferred Vendors:

Business Travel
Local Hotels and Short-Term Housing
Bus Charters
Car Rentals

Office Furniture

Office Supplies
Promotional Products
Trophies and Awards

Customized Stationery and Business Cards
Express Mail

Computer Equipment
Fax Machines
Typewriter Repair

Records Management


Cell Phones

Water and Coffee Service
Food and Beverage Vending
Internal Catering