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Database of the Month: Europa World

Researching a country? 

Europa World provides profiles of over 250 countries and territories, including extensive sections on political history, foreign affairs, and economic affairs. 

Europa World Homepage


Originally a print reference work called the Europa World Year Book, the online Europa World is regularly updated to include recent developments around the world such as results from recent elections or coverage of recent major events.

Type your country's name into the search box or use the "Select a Country/Territory" dropdown menu to begin exploring.

Each country section in Europa World includes:

  • A country map
  • An image of the country flag
  • A country profile
  • Country statistics
  • Directory information for governmental offices and agencies, political organizations, religious organizations, major media sources, and business organizations

The country profile for each country provides a wealth of useful information when getting to know a country. Each profile covers the following major topics:

  • Location, Climate, Language, Religion, Flag, Capital
  • Contemporary Political History
  • Constitution and Government
  • Regional and International Co-operation
  • Economic Affairs
  • Public Holidays

Use the navigation options on the left side of the screen to jump to the different sections of the country information or use the navigation arrows in the top right to visit each page.

Country Profile Landing Page with navigation highlights.

You can also check out the Comparative Statistics tool to compare different statistical tables and charts from various countries!

Comparative Statistics landing page.

Database of the Month provides a very brief introduction to a useful website or Library database, highlighting key features you should know about. If you would like more information about this resource (or any of the library’s databases), please contact us for research assistance. If you would like a demonstration of this resource for a class, please schedule a research instruction class using the instruction request form.