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Borrowing Privileges at Other Libraries

Boston Library Consortium (BLC) Libraries

Founded in 1970, the Boston Library Consortium (BLC) is a resource sharing consortium of 26 academic, public, and special libraries in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and beyond. As of 2018, Bentley University Library is a full member of the Boston Library Consortium.

Our membership grants Bentley students, faculty, and staff on-site access to most materials, services, and resources at other full member libraries. Materials can also be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Online or remote access to resources such as databases or eBooks is unavailable due to vendor licensing agreements. However, access to the database on-site at a BLC member library may be possible. Contact a reference librarian at the BLC library to ask about potential access. ​

Requesting Items from BLC Libraries

If you're interested in borrowing a book, book chapter, article, or other item that is held by another BLC Library, simply fill out an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) request.

Visiting & Borrowing at BLC Libraries

  • Check the individual member library's website for hours and any restrictions for visiting during special times of the year such as during exams. You may also want to look into the university's visitor policies for general information about campus rules and parking.
  • Make sure you have your Bentley University ID with you when you go.
  • If you plan on borrowing any materials while visiting the library and they offer on-site borrowing, you must obtain a BLC Consortium Card from the Bentley Library and have it with you when you visit. You will need both your Bentley University ID and the BLC Consortium Card to check out books. Please note that BLC Consortium Cards do not automatically grant borrowing privileges at member libraries. Contact the member library prior to your visit for individual library policies.
  • We recommend if you borrow an item from another BLC Library using your BLC Consortium Card, you return the item directly to that library to ensure that it is returned.
  • If you have any questions regarding access to materials or library policies, we encourage you to contact the library you are visiting.

Important Information Regarding Access and Services at Other Member Libraries:

While many of the Boston Library Consortium libraries allow visitors from outside of their own institutions for on-site services, others remain restricted to only their institution members. The BLC has put together information about Access and Borrowing from Other Member Libraries which includes member library visitor policies. However, the most current information will be available on the individual libraries' websites -- make sure to check there or contact the library for the most up to date information. Contact our Library Services Department if you have any questions.

Obtaining a BLC Consortium Card

All current Bentley students, faculty and staff members in good standing with the Bentley Library are eligible for a BLC card. To be in good standing, you must not have any longstanding overdue items or owe more than $10 in fines.

Visit the Library Services Desk to get a BLC Consortium Card. 

Undergraduate student cards are valid for one semester and can be renewed for a second semester pending verification that patrons are still a registered Bentley student and have remained in good standing at the library. Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and PhD Student cards are valid for one academic year. New cards must be obtained at the beginning of the fall semester.

BLC Consortium Card Policies

BLC Consortium Cards act as an identification card and do not automatically grant on-site borrowing privileges throughout member libraries. Contact the member library prior to your visit for individual library policies and any registration requirements for borrowing. Any borrowed items from member libraries are subject to that library's loan periods and fines. Bentley University patrons are responsible for all fees/fines charged to their BLC Consortium Card. Failure to abide by member library policies may result in a loss of BLC Consortium borrowing privileges.

Boston Public Library

Anyone who lives, resides part-time to attend school, owns property, or works in Massachusetts is eligible for a free eCard at the Boston Public Library. You can register online and gain immediate access to their extensive online book collection, streaming content, digital magazines, and databases.

To obtain a full Boston Public Library card, you must present your Bentley ID and furnish a photo identification that includes your name, present address, and signature. With the Boston Public Library card, you receive borrowing privileges for physical materials and use of "in-library only" items, as well as use of public computers at all Boston Public Library branches. For more information on where to apply and details on what the Boston Public Library has to offer, please visit their Getting a Library Card and Borrowing pages.

Waltham Public Library

Bentley students can get a free library card at the Waltham Public Library, located at 735 Main St. To obtain this card, you must visit the Waltham Public Library and present your Bentley ID along with a photo identification that has your home address on it. If you are living off-campus, you will also be required to verify your local address. Student cards are valid until the first of May. If you are staying in Waltham for the summer, and can verify your summer address, your card may be extended until the first of September. You will be asked to validate your address again at the beginning of the new academic year.

The Waltham Public Library card gives borrowing and computer use privileges at the Waltham Public Library. It also provides access to most of the Waltham Public Library's online subscriptions.