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Database of the Month: Transparent Languages Online

Transparent Languages Online provides learning materials and paths for over 100 languages, including English. Activities incorporate listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Learners can follow the standard paths provided, or customize their own. 

Get Started with Transparent Languages Online

Users must register for an account to use the database. Once registered and logged in, Latin American Spanish is the default language displayed. Click the Transparent Languages dropdown arrow on the menu bar to choose among 114 languages, including English. English instruction is accompanied by directions in selected languages.

Begin Language Study

Start learning and practicing a new language with the Learning screen. Users can follow or customize lesson order, set a daily goal, work with previously learned vocabulary, and complete practice activities.

My Learning Path, Goals, and Learned Vocabulary

The lessons and activities can be done in order, or the user can choose to customize the order in which the lessons appear. To rearrange the learning path, click Drag Lesson, drag the lesson up or down in the path, and release it in a new position.  

Click Filter above the learning path to choose which lessons to view. Users can hide lessons not started, in progress, or completed.

The Goals area enables the user to set a daily time goal for learning, and/or set email reminders to help with consistency. Vocabulary introduced in the lessons is saved in the Learned Vocab area for easy access to building on previous knowledge. 


The Practice area contains varied activities to assist with listening, reading, speaking, and writing the language. Depending on the activity, the database may request use of the microphone and/or the camera.

Get Database Help

Click the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the screen to view the help documentation explaining the screen layout and learning path elements.

Bentley librarians can also answer questions and explain how to use the database. Check the Bentley Library Research Help page for our contact information and Reference Desk hours.

Connect to the Database

Please visit our Databases A-Z page and click Transparent Languages Online to begin learning new languages. This database can also be viewed in the Arts, Media, & Literature subject list and the Language Learning database type.

Database of the Month provides a brief introduction to useful library databases and highlights key features. Please contact us if you would like more information about this database or other library resources. If you would like a librarian to come to your class to demonstrate our resources, please use the Instruction Request Form to schedule a visit.