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Dedications in Appreciation to Our Class of '18 Student Assistants

It is a Bentley Library tradition to show appreciation to our graduating student assistants with a book or film dedication. Each student is invited to select an item that is meaningful to them, which is then affixed with a special bookplate in their name. A display of their selections will be available soon in the Popular Reading area. You can also view the photo album on Facebook and our Student Employee Dedications Pinterest board. This year, dedications have been made on behalf of these Class of 2018 graduates:

Ana Belliard Poet X

Amelia Cheung Milk and Honey

Aaron Coss Divergent

Isabelle Fang Beauty & the Beast

Carlos Gonzalez The Tao of Pooh

Peter Hersey Ahead of the Curve

Nathan Louf Faithful

Sarah Paulhus The Bad Beginning

Jasmine Rosa Incantation

Emely Santos Higher Education and First-Generation Students

The library could not operate without our student assistants. We rely on them to be the face of the Library Services Desk, to keep our stacks organized, to help process every new book, DVD, and journal that arrives, to fulfill ILL requests, and to handle so many behind-the-scenes tasks that we can't list them all here! Our doors would not be open from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. (and around the clock during finals) without them! The library staff thanks all of our student assistants and sends best wishes to our graduates. Congratulations!