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Dedications in Honor of the Library's Class of '22 Student Assistants

As we close the book on the academic year we must also say farewell to our Class of '22 student assistants. It is a treasured Bentley Library tradition to show appreciation to our graduating employees with a book or film dedication. Each student is invited to select an item that is meaningful to them, which is then affixed with a special bookplate in their name. This year, dedications have been made on behalf of Aisling Bucci (The Midnight Library), Mike Ford (The Secret Life of Groceries), LeFaith "Blessed" Massaquoi (What Next?), Andrew St. Peter (the Polar Express), and Deandra Strickland (Avengers: Endgame). Their selections are currently on view in the lobby.

The Bentley Library staff thank you for your hard work and dedication to the library. Best wishes and congratulations!