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On Display: Through the Years: Student Employee Dedications, 2005-2024

This year, in recognition of twenty years of our favorite tradition, we present the retrospective “Through the Years: Student Employee Dedications 2005-2024.” 

One of the most cherished traditions here at Bentley Library is allowing our graduating student employees to pick a book or DVD from our collection (or to be added to our collection) to be dedicated to them in appreciation for the many hours they spend working in the library. We place little restriction on what they can choose, which opens the door for their picks to be personal and meaningful for the student. Titles selected have run the gamut from the first book they remember loving (Holes by Louis Sachar, selected by Pat Brooks, class of 2016), to recognizing the importance of being a First-Gen student (Higher Education and First-Generation Students by Rashne Jehangir, selected by Emely Santos, class of 2018), to choosing the title they felt they spent the most time with throughout college (International Journal of Mobile Communications V.4 selected by one of our former Inter-library Loan student employees Nazariy Fedak, class of 2010). Regardless of what they choose, the goal is for us to show sincere appreciation for all that they have done and do to keep the library running and to allow them to leave a tiny piece of themselves for future Bentley students. For a full list of titles selected throughout the past twenty years, check out our online display.

This year we have two graduating student employees joining their ranks who have selected two titles that speak to them: Adam Chen (Flowers for Algernon) and Daniel "Sully" Sullivan (Can't Hurt Me).

Congratulations and best wishes to our seniors and thank you to all our student employees over the years for your hard work and commitment to the library.