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What's Hot at the Library: Top Checkouts of Academic Year 2023-24

Ever wondered what everyone else is diving into at the Bentley Library? Here's a look at our top checkouts for print books, ebooks/audiobooks, and streaming films during the 2023-2024 academic year!

22 cover images of the most popular books and films

Books That Flew Off the Shelves

First up, books! We're talking print books here—specifically those from the library's Popular Reading Collection. This collection of about 700 books consists of a rotating selection of new releases, recent bestsellers, and hot topics. Pop Reading is located on the main floor near the café, making it a breeze to quickly browse for something fun to read! You can also view the full Popular Reading Collection online.

Top Fiction

Top Nonfiction

Top Ebook and Audiobook Downloads from OverDrive/Libby

For our ebook and audiobook aficionados, here's a peek at the top downloads from OverDive/Libby. If you're not familiar, OverDrive is an incredibly popular ebook and audiobook platform, and Libby is the companion mobile app used to download books to any smart device. Not only is it easy to use, fans love that you can add multiple libraries to the Libby app to streamline borrowing from all of your favorite libraries. Check out our blog post on OverDrive and Libby for more information and quick instructions, or go directly to OverDrive to start searching, 

Top Fiction

Top Nonfiction

Most Popular Streaming Films

The library provides access to 132,000+ streaming films, documentaries, and educational videos via four different vendors - Films on Demand, Kanopy, Swank, and Academic Video Online. These feature films have streamed their way to the top of the list:

As fun as it is to look at our most popular items, we hope you'll explore our collections further! Use Library Search on the library homepage to search by title/author/topic, explore our curated collections (including staff picks and new popular reading), or ask us for a recommendation.