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Placing Material on Course Reserves

Books, media, journal articles, and other materials required for coursework can be placed in the Course Reserve Collection. Placing items on course reserve ensures that all of your students have access to the material required for assignments in a particular class while also helping to defray the costs of expensive textbooks. There are two types of course reserve collections:

  • Physical Reserves - printed material placed on reserve in the library
    • The library generally does not purchase textbooks. However, titles not typically designated as a "textbook" that support research interests of the University will be considered for purchase. For more information, please see our Collection Development Policy.
    • Professors can opt to provide the library with a textbook that will be processed and added to the Course Reserve collection for the duration of the semester.
  • Electronic Reserves - digitized readings posted to a course Brightspace site
    • Electronic Reserves can also include links created in Brightspace to journal articles, ebooks, or streaming films available through our databases. Should you decide to post links on your own, please see our Static Linking Guide.

You can submit a reserve request by either filling out an online request or by bringing items directly to the Library Services desk.

All submitted requests will undergo an evaluation for copyright compliance and must adhere to the Bentley Library Course Reserves Copyright Policy

For questions or comments regarding the Course Reserves service, contact the Library Services desk at or 781-891-2168.

Course Reserve Guidelines

What may be placed on reserve?
  • Any circulating Bentley Library item (books, DVDs, etc.)
  • Personal copies of legally purchased items (books, DVDs, etc.)
  • Lecture notes, problems, solutions, etc.
  • Book chapters or excerpts not exceeding 10% of total work
  • Public domain works
  • Journal or newspaper articles
  • Licensed electronic content (e-journals, e-books, streaming media)
  • Your lecture notes, problems, solutions, etc.
What may NOT be placed on reserve?
  • Reproductions of a complete book or of a substantial portion of a copyrighted work
  • Illegally “burned” copies of DVDs, CDs and other media
  • Consumable publications such as standardized tests, exercises, or workbooks
  • Certain non-circulating items from Bentley Library such as bound periodicals and reference material
  • Books obtained through Interlibrary Loan
  • Rented material (Netflix, Redbox, etc.)
  • A digital copy of an entire book or portions(s) exceeding 10% of total work
  • Illegally digitized DVDs, CDs and other media
  • Content taken freely from the internet
  • Reserve items will be processed within 48 hours of request, except in cases when copyright concerns require further evaluation of the requested material
  • Each request will undergo an evaluation for copyright compliance
  • Electronic Reserve requests will be vetted, scanned, digitized into PDF format, and posted onto the requester’s Brightspace site within the “Resources” section of Brightspace or where specified by the faculty member. All scanned readings will include a copyright disclaimer
  • To access electronic reserves used in previous semesters and archived in Brightspace, please reach out to the ATC.
  • Posted readings will be issued start and end dates to enable student access only for the duration of the course
  • Physical Material not owned by Bentley Library will be labeled and barcoded for use with the library system
  • Physical items are placed on reserve by semester/session
  • Physical Reserve material may be designated, at the discretion of the faculty requester, for the following loan periods:
    • 2-hours – library use only
    • 4-hours – library use only
    • 24-hours
    • 1-week

All reserve items will be removed at the end of the semester/session. If an item is needed for a subsequent semester, please submit a new request.

  • Material owned by the Bentley Library will be returned to the stacks
  • Personal items will be removed and returned to the faculty requester. The library is not liable for any personal material that is lost or damaged
  • Student access to all electronic reserve readings in Brightspace will be terminated at the end of the semester/session. 

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