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Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning

Our department encompasses three disciplines: law, taxation and financial planning. In Law, we provide the required course for undergraduate business majors and MBA students, as well as a variety of undergraduate and graduate electives. We also offer a Law minor and pre-law advising. In Taxation and Financial Planning, we offer professional preparation through Masters Degrees, MBA concentrations and graduate certificates.

News and Events

Introducing New Course - "White Collar Crime"

Professor Steve Weisman will uncover white collar crime that has victimized millions of people and shaken world economies.

A successful IRS Town Meeting was held on October 22, 2014.

Almost 200 people participated in the annual IRS Town Meeting with Keynote Speaker, Mary Beth Murphy, Deputy Commissioner Small Business/Self-Employed, IRS and Luncheon Speaker, Steve Weisman.

Teaching and Research Highlights

Recent Faculty Research

See the latest research our faculty has been working on.

Kulow wins Bonsignore and Bentley Publication Awards

Professor Marianne DelPo Kulow was awarded the Bentley University Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Award, and the John Bonsignore Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Law Teaching.