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Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning

Our department encompasses three disciplines: law, taxation and financial planning. In Law, we provide the required course for undergraduate business majors and MBA students, as well as a variety of undergraduate and graduate electives. We also offer a Law minor and pre-law advising. In Taxation and Financial Planning, we offer professional preparation through Masters Degrees, MBA concentrations and graduate certificates.

News and Events

Register for the IRS Town Meeting

21st Annual IRS Town Meeting to be held October 22, 2014.

Weisman Publishes Identity Theft Alert

Senior Lecturer of Law and Financial Planning, Steven Weisman, has a book coming out in July, Identity Theft Alert, 10 Steps You Must Take to Protect Yourself from America's #1 Crime.

Teaching and Research Highlights

Recent Faculty Research

See the latest research our faculty has been working on.

Hot Off the Press

LTFP Faculty publish textbook on the legal and ethical environment of business.