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Certification Programs

The Hughey Center prides itself in its efforts to support a proactive educational environment where students learn above and beyond what is required by their classes. In support of this goal, the Trading Room encourages students to become Bloomberg certified through Bloomberg University. This experience has increased the marketability of Bentley students in a wide variety of fields including investment banking, asset management and financial planning, where these skills are the foundation of informed decision-making.

Bloomberg Product Certification

Another popular program with the students is the ability to become Bloomberg Certified in either Equities or Fixed Income. The certification program includes recorded instructor-led demonstrations of the functionality of the Bloomberg terminal followed by exam, quizzing the participation their ability to properly use Bloomberg.

The certification is free of charge and students can register at their convenience on any of the Bloomberg terminals in the Trading Room. Successful completion of the certification requires passing three introductory courses followed by five courses on equities or five courses on fixed income, depending on the certification being pursued.