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Stephen B. Young

The Caux Round Table is an international network of experienced business leaders who advocate a principled approach to global capitalism. Steve has published Moral Capitalism, a well-received book written as a guide to use of the Caux Round Table ethical and socially responsible Principles for Business. He was also listed among the 23 persons noted as creating the corporate social responsibility movement in Sandra Waddock’s The Difference Makers (Greenleaf Publishing, 2008).

During his career, he has taught at the University of Minnesota Law School and the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota. He has published articles on Chinese jurisprudence, the culture and politics of Vietnam and Thailand, legal education, law firm management, Native American law, the history of negligence, and the law of war. His most recent article on legal philosophy discusses the morality of American law. He was the third dean of the Hamline University School of Law and had previously been an Assistant Dean at the Harvard Law School. Steve also served as appointed Honorary Consul of Singapore in Minnesota for 5 years.

He has written numerous opinion articles for the Pioneer Press and the Minnesota Journal on Law and Politics and has been published in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Minneapolis StarTribune, and Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal. Young is now an editorial commentator, Twin Cities Daily Planet newswire, and writes a blog for the Caux Round Table.

Steve has served on the boards of the John Vessey Leadership Academy, a charter school in St Paul, Minnesota, Ready4K, an advocacy group promoting the benefits of early childhood education, the Citizens League, Resources for Child Caring, Vietnam's Women Memorial, Vietnam Social Service, Minnesota Sons of the Revolution and as Chair of United Arts in St Paul and the Minnesota Museum of Art. He is the founding board chair of the Center of the American Experiment. Steve was educated at the International School Bangkok, Harvard College, and Harvard Law School.

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