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Finances / Refund Policies

There are many details to consider with regard to finances when planning your study abroad experience. You should take note of the difference in cost of each program, the way in which your student account will be billed, the financial aid and scholarship opportunities that are available and how to budget for your international experience. When considering studying abroad, it is important to remember that it does not have to be more expensive than the equivalent credit of studying on campus. Careful program selection and planning, a good understanding of the policies and procedures, and diligent research into scholarship opportunities can make study abroad an affordable experience for all students!

Refund Policy for Semester and Summer Programs

The enrollment deposit is not refundable. Students who withdraw prior to departure will forfeit the enrollment deposit plus any additional non-recoverable costs incurred in connection with enrollment in the program. Students who withdraw after arrival will forfeit Bentley tuition in accordance with Bentley’s policy plus any additional non-recoverable costs incurred in connection with enrollment in the program.

 "Earle Sloan Travel Fellowship: up to $5,200                         
 awarded to one student to defray the cost of                                
 their Faculty-Led International Course or GBE."                                                     

Refund Policy for Faculty led International Courses/GBEs

By submitting an application and non-refundable enrollment deposit, students commit to participate if accepted. In case of application rejection or course cancellation, the enrollment deposit is refunded. In case of withdrawal, the following refund policies apply: 

Enrollment deposit: non-refundable regardless of reason for withdrawal

Course fee/GBE Tuition Fee: Participants withdrawing within the 90-day period prior to departure will be refunded the following percentages of the undergraduate course fee or graduate GBE tuition fee:
90 to 30 days prior: 90% refund of course fee/GBE tuition fee
30 to 15 days prior: 50% refund of course fee/GBE tuition fee
15 to 0 days prior: no refund

Airfare: Refunds on airfare purchases are subject to airline and travel agency regulations. Upon notification of a student withdrawal, Bentley will attempt to recover as much as possible of the airfare purchased, but there is typically at least a nominal fee associated with cancellation of airfare, and in many cases seats purchased through a group air contract are entirely non-refundable.

Bentley course refund policies do not apply to faculty-led international courses or GBEs.