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Tuition Insurance Information

As a supplement to the University Refund Policy, we are pleased to offer an insurance program, The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP), through A.W.G. Dewar Inc.

This plan supplements the university refund schedule, and provides more generous refunds throughout the entire term. If you withdraw from classes due to a personal physical illness or accident, this plan will return up to 75% of your insured tuition and fees. For withdrawals due to medical/psychological illness, benefits will return up to 75% of insured fees.

Enrollment forms with complete details are mailed to students in July, or an application may be completed online. The TRP provides coverage (according to the terms of the policy) for tuition, room, and meal charges.

Benefits under the Tuition Refund Plan can provide a valuable resource for students who need to withdraw for medical reasons.

Please contact A.W.G. Dewar Inc. at 617.774.1555, or access their web site at for more information or to apply.