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On Display: Games & Puzzles

Picture of lots of board games.

Make a Game Connection!

Are you are interested in a round of Uno, a game of Chess or the latest RPG adventure? Or maybe you are interested in game theory & design resources for upping your own game. Then this is the stop for you. Here is an opportunity to connect with other students, faculty and staff with similar interests.

During the activity periods below, the following student organizations will be available in the main floor of the Library. No need to sign up. Just drop in anytime during activity period.

BABT (Bentley Association of Board and Tabletop Games)
Tuesday, November 8th
2:00 to 3:20 p.m.

BCC (Bentley Chess Club)
Wednesday, November 9th
2:00 to 3:20 p.m.

In addition, the current Library Display consists of books and films highlighting resources about or inspired by Games & Puzzles. When pulling these resources together, it became very clear that games and puzzles are popular across multiple topics/disciplines including: Business, Economics, Media Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. Check out the Library Display online or visit the library lobby to browse the physical titles. We are highlighting games & puzzle content focusing on the human element of creativity, making connections and collaboration.

So much of the Library's collection is about gaming software, but there were games before the computer. Board and tabletop games have been around for centuries and Chess has a four thousand year history with thousands of books written about it. (Lloyd, 2013). The Bentley Chess Club can help you connect with others interested chess players. Reach out to them directly at or visit them Wednesday, November 9th, during activity period in the Library.

Some games involve luck, while many require strategy and others provide adventure. Games are ways to network/connect with others. (Lloyd, 2013) According to an article written by Ethan Gilsdorf for TED, RPG (Role Playing Game) Adventures are a great way of learning how to work effectively as a team and manage resources towards a shared goal. (2018). The Bentley Association of Board and Tabletop Games (BABT) can help you connect with others to play these types of games such as Dungeons & Dragons in addition to other board games such as Settlers of Catan or Risk. Reach out to them directly at or visit them Tuesday, November 8th, during activity period in the Library.

So come and visit the main floor of the library for the activities and/or explore the library display. The chess/checkers table and the community jigsaw puzzle are available in the library lobby for the duration of the display (Nov/Dec).

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