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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (BA)

Be an agent for change

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion major is designed to create professional pathways for students who are interested in careers that will make a positive impact on the world. Students in this major are passionate about societal change affecting the underrepresented, intersectionality, impartiality and fairness practices, and the ability of a diverse set of individuals to participate in decision-making processes and development opportunities. Topics covered include systemic racism, the opportunity gap in the workforce and equitable access to education. 

As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (BA) major, you will graduate with a broad knowledge of business by completing courses that are part of the Business Administration minor. You will also have the option of complementing your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion major with a Business Administration major, or any other approved Bentley major, by using some of your free electives to take additional courses.

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The richness and diversity of our life experiences allow us to thrive as a learning community.
Mateo Cruz
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