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Research Instruction @ the Bentley Library

Research Instruction Classes

Research instruction classes are designed to help students develop the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively. They can range from a targeted class on subject-specific resources to an overview of constructing successful search strategies. The reference librarians encourage you to integrate library instruction into your classes. We are happy to work with you to design instruction that will meet the specific needs of your class.

Research instruction classes are most useful to students when tied to a particular assignment, at the point when they would normally need to begin research. Reference librarians will work with you to customize the class to your students' knowledge, skills, and research topics.

Skills and concepts that can be covered include:

  • Topic exploration: identifying and focusing topics, teaching research as an exploratory and iterative process
  • Search strategies: how to turn a research question into keywords; how to narrow or broaden searches; Boolean operators; using subject headings
  • Evaluation of sources: differentiating among scholarly, popular, and trade publications; verifying information's accuracy and authority; identifying what types of information may be found in particular sources (e.g., reference books, blogs) and how to use it
  • Discipline-specific research strategies
  • How to cite information properly

About Information Literacy @ the Bentley Library

Visit our Information Literacy and Instruction page for more in-depth information on information literacy, research instruction, and resources that can help you when developing course assignments and integrating information literacy into your classes. 

Instruction Policies

  • Research instruction classes will be conducted during scheduled class periods, unless otherwise negotiated with instruction librarians. 
  • Faculty must attend class with their students. By attending, faculty members reinforce the importance of library instruction, and can make connections to larger course goals and themes.
  • Please allow at least 14 days to schedule a class.

Research Instruction Center

The Research Instruction Center (RIC) is a classroom located on the library’s lower level, Room 011, which can accommodate class sizes up to 30 students. Many library workshops and classes are held in the RIC, however we can also visit your classroom. The RIC is equipped for hybrid and distance learning.

Schedule a Research Instruction Class

Please submit instruction requests at least 2 weeks prior to your first preferred date of the session for scheduling purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding scheduling, please contact Matt Van Sleet (, Research Instruction Coordinator, directly.

Request Form


If you have any questions please contact Matthew Van Sleet, Reference Librarian/Research Instruction Coordinator, at 781.891.2311 or You may also contact your department's library liaison.