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Service-learning is a proven teaching and learning pedagogy that integrates meaningful community-based service with academic content and targeted reflection. Pairing academic work and civic responsibility gives students the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to problems and projects in real-world situations. Faculty involved in service-learning also experience many benefits, both personally and professionally; for example:

  • Class discussions are greatly enhanced with insights and reflections from real-world applications
  • Highly-motivated and engaged students are attracted to the course
  • Relationships are built with community partners, possibly leading to other opportunities
  • Networking opportunities arise with community partners and other faculty
  • Reciprocal learning between students and faculty benefits both
  • Satisfaction of promoting civic responsibility and active learning
  • Participating and leading Bentley in being a national leader of civic engagement and social responsibility

The Service-Learning Center provides many resources for faculty involved in service-learning projects, including:

Other Available Resources

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