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Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Embedded Course Guidelines

The Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Center will provide assistance to faculty with regard to any of these guidelines:

  • Embedded service-learning provides an opportunity to incorporate a community-based project into the course curriculum in such a way that the project advances course objectives, addresses a real community need, and entails meaningful student interaction with the community partner.
  • Embedded Service-Learning projects can be structured to include the entire class or can be offered as one track or set of assignments within a class.
  • Effectively designed courses help to develop students’ awareness of the communities outside Bentley and to build Bentley’s relationships with the communities served.
  • The syllabus for an embedded service-learning course explains the scope and objectives of the community project and how students’ work will be evaluated.
  • The instructor provides structured opportunities for students to analyze the service experience, connect it to the subject matter of the course, and consider the project in the broader context of civic engagement and social responsibility.
  • When appropriate, the instructor meets with the community partner in the planning stages of the course to establish common goals, timelines, project assessment, and closure activities.

If you have any questions or would like to offer one of your future courses as a 4th-credit or embedded option, please contact Dr. Samantha Eddy, Associate Director of Academic Programs at