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Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Student Leadership Opportunities

Program Managers

Approximately 120 Program Managers oversee more than 1,000 students that BSLCE sends into the Greater Waltham community each year. These students develop, implement and evaluate projects and programs for weekly service.  Working closely with Bentley staff and our community partners, Program Managers develop sustainable partnerships that enhance student learning and contribute to positive change in the community. They are responsible for overseeing our 4th-credit and embedded students on-site, and communicating the progress of each with sponsoring faculty members. Program Managers also receive a variety of high-level professional development opportunities throughout the year.


Committee Members

Our Committee members work in small teams on the internal and external operations of the Center. The 10 committees collaborate on projects such as running campus-wide fundraisers to support a community in Ecuador (BUIILD), overseeing the center’s marketing and public relations, organizing events, creating new initiatives, overseeing IT, and organizing all of the transportation for the more than 1,000 students the BSLCE sends into the Greater Waltham community each year.



Student Directors

At the helm of our student leadership program are our Student Directors. These students have shown exceptional leadership throughout their time in Service-Learning and are selected to work as Student Directors senior year. The number of Student Directors in a year ranges from 2 to 4 students, depending on need.

Our Student Directors oversee all of our 150 Program Managers and the more than 35 Committee members. They offer these students support in their initiatives, lead training sessions, and ensure that the day-to-day operations of the Center run smoothly. At least one of the Student Directors also focuses on special projects that vary by year depending on the current needs of the Center, such as social media, programmatic assessment, or civic engagement.  Contact Our Student Directors by clicking here.