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Service Design

Design a Great Experience Throughout the Customer Journey

Service Design

Service design is about identifying pain points in the customer service experience, understanding the source of the pain points, and using those insights to design a better customer experience across all touch points. Service Design is a method that leverages user research and co-creative design methods to build services that accommodate the customer through every touch-point he or she may have with the service and the organization that provides it. Service Design also focuses on the needs, abilities, and practices of all internal and external stakeholders, departments, and employees. This allows services to be delivered effectively and efficiently for everyone involved. Successful service design results in satisfied and loyal customers, more efficient and satisfied employees, and a competitive edge in a crowded market.

Service design deliverables include:

  • Journey maps
  • Service blueprints
  • Stakeholder maps
  • Service ecologies

When to consider service design

  • When you want to identify the most significant pain points throughout the customer experience
  • When you want to identify opportunities to improve the current customer experience across all touch-points
  • When you want to better understand how your organization might be changed to deliver a better employee and customer experience

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