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Measure the Preferences and Attitudes of Thousands of your Customers


Surveys can help you quickly gather feedback from hundreds of users to determine customer preferences, assess current attitudes towards your product or service, and uncover unmet needs. Our clients regularly use surveys to validate product feature sets, run competitive assessments, and compare the effectiveness of different design options. The UXC uses industry-leading online tools such as Qualtrics and UserZoom, and our extensive network of online panel companies and recruiters ensures a representative sample of participants across a range of industries.

Recent survey projects include:

  • Helping an international financial services company balance impressions of new designs gained from usability testing with quantitative feedback.
  • Working with a national insurance company to compare the effectiveness of two different navigation options for their internal customer portal.
  • Helping a bank iterate designs for their online banking portal by gathering feedback on different designs from hundreds of banking customers at each stage of the design process.

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Prior to launching a full-scale redesign of their line of medical equipment, a Fortune 500 healthcare company worked with the UXC to learn how the new designs might impact the clinical experience, desirability and usability of the equipment. Working under a tight deadline, we were able to gather insights from over 600 healthcare professionals across the US, Europe and China. The insights gained from the study helped stakeholders focus their design efforts and drive decision-making across the organization.

The survey capability provided by Bentley University is fast, efficient and cost effective.  It allows us to collect opinions on specific user interface questions from hundreds of consumers in a short amount of time.  The Bentley staff analyzes the survey results quickly and provides meaningful insights we can act on.

Steve Wilichowski, PMP
Vice President - Online Banking Channel Manager, Citizens Bank

Specialized surveys

Our extensive expertise in survey creation, distribution and analysis has led to a well developed network of panels, recruiters, and translators. This enables us to undertake some of the most challenging surveys. Examples include finding hard to recruit segments such as doctors and C-level executives, as well as conducting both domestic and international surveys.

When can surveys help you? When you want to:

  • Quantify users’ baseline experience with a product or service
  • Measure the visual appeal of two or more potential designs
  • Identify unmet needs or interest level in product or feature ideas
  • Compare perceptions of your product versus competing products