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Usability Testing

Optimize the Usability of Your Design

Usability Testing

Usability testing allows your team to identify usability issues at any point in the project. Early testing can be done with prototypes to rapidly identify critical changes before development begins, and prevent the delays that come with design changes late in the project. Usability testing can also be done with products that are ready for launch, to validate the design direction, or with existing systems to identify areas most in need of a redesign. 

At the UXC we conduct over 50 studies per year in our state of the art facilities in Waltham, around the US and abroad with our mobile lab.

Recent projects include:

  • Employing rapid, iterative user testing to help a North American financial company refine their mobile offerings
  • Using eye tracking technology to evaluate user engagement and preferences across two different home page redesigns for a major insurance company, with both consumer and small business participants
  • Helped a state government to ensure the accessibility of their state portal was acceptable by running a series of usability sessions that included blind, low-vision and motor-impaired users. 

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A leading speaker manufacturer’s new product combined speakers with an app that enabled users to control which music is played in each room by a touch of a button on their phone. They worked with the User Experience Center to make sure the multi-step setup process was as seamless as possible.


We prefer to work with the User Experience Center because of their state of the art facilities, technical expertise. The quality of their work is superb.

Vijay Hanumolu, Head of customer research and content strategy, Analog Devices


Specialized usability testing

Many industries, such as finance, healthcare, government, and education, require the collection of sensitive information, or input from specialized populations. At the UXC, we have extensive experience with specialized usability testing for many different types of products and industries. Examples include:

  • Working with disabled participants (vision, motor impairments);
  • Working with underage and elderly users;
  • Research that involves participants’ sensitive, personally identifiable information;
  • Eye tracking and biometrics

Worldwide Testing

We are based just outside of Boston, but we provide our services worldwide. In addition to regularly running usability tests remotely from our facilities in Waltham, our portable usability lab allows us to perform usability testing from a variety of locations.

When do you need usability testing?

  • Early in the design phase, to identify and correct the most significant user experience issues, before investing in development and design
  • Later in the design phase, to identify problems and high points of designs as you iterate throughout the design process
  • Validate final designs prior to launch
  • Benchmark the user experience of your site compared to the competition