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Internal Fellows


2014 - 2015 Internal Research Fellows

Sung-eun Choi, Assistant Professor, History Department
Project Title: Colonists after Colonialism: The Integration of the French from Algeria and the Making of Post-Empire France
Courtney Cole, English and Media Studies (Declined)
Casey Hayward, Associate Professor, English and Media Studies
Project Title: Documentary -  Massachusetts Juvenile Justice System
Christian Rubio, Associate Professor, Modern Languages
Project Title: Europeanization of Spain: From Krausism to the Avant-Garde

2013-2014 Internal Research Fellows

Traci Abbott, Lecturer of English and Media Studies
Project Title:  Beyond Beatie: Documenting the Pregnant Man  
Bonnie Field, Associate Professor of Global Studies
Project Title: The Performance of Minority Parliamentary Governments
Catherine Fung, Assistant Professor of English and Media Studies
Project Title:  Perpetual Refugee: Memory of the Vietnam War and the Politics of Belonging
Ranjoo S. Herr, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Project Title:  Nonliberal Democracy and Equal Respect for Democratic Peoples
Bruce Herzberg, Professor of English and Media Studies
Project Title: Gospel Disputes, the Talmudic Academy, and the Scene of Rhetorical Education
Jeffrey Moriarty, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Project Title: Power and Money: Corporate Governance and Compensation Ethics
David Szymanski, Assistant Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
Project Title: Developing a Proposal to the National Science Foundation to Expand the Integration of Earth Science and Business Curricula
Christine Williams, Professor of Global Studies
Project:  external grant applications for research on social media use by public safety agencies

2012-2013 Internal Research Fellows

Lynn Arenella, Associate Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences
Jane Griffin, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
Dominique Haughton, Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Leonid Trofimov, Lecturer of History 

2011-2012 Internal Research Fellows 

Benjamin S. Aslinger, Assistant Professor of English and Media Studies
P. Thompson Davis, Professor Natural Sciences
Dominique Haughton, Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Robin Reames-Henry, Lecturer, Department of English and Media Studies

2010-2011 Internal Research Fellows

Alina Chircu, Associate Professor of Information and Process Management
Sustainable Design for Developing Countries: Lessons from the Mobile Phone Industry
Angma Jhala, Assistant Professor of History
Patronage, Power and Aesthetics: Women Collectors and Designers in Colonial Princely India
Randall Nichols, Assistant Professor of English
Assessing the Impact of Video Game Hardware Production

2009-2010 Internal Research Fellows

Scott Boss, Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Attitudinal Motivation for Security Behaviors
Angela Garcia, Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology
Creating a Cardboard World: The Collaborative Construction of Motivation and Agency in the Completion of Jig Saw Puzzles
Axel Seemann, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
The Social Mind: Intersubjectivity and Joint Engagement

2008-2009 Internal Research Fellows

Juliet Gainsborough, Assistant Professor of International Studies
Scandalous Politics: Child Welfare Policy in the States
Jennifer Gillan, Associate Professor of English
From Our Family to Yours: The Beneficial Family in American TV and Culture.
Sheila Moeschen, Assistant Director of the Women's Leadership Institute 
Spectacular Benevolence: The Cultural Performance of Charity in America
Heide Solbrig, Assistant Professor of English
Artists, Public Servants and Production Assistants: The Education of Media Workers in the Age of Convergence
Scott Sumner, Professor of Economics
Civic Attitudes and Neoliberal Reforms: How Are They Related?

2007-2008 – Internal Fellows

Chris Beneke, Associate Professor of History  
Early Struggles over Integration, Segregation, and Equality in American Public Education.
Jeff Gulati, Associate Professor of International Studies   
Media Coverage of International Human Trafficking and its Consequences for Women's Equality
Dominique Haughton, Professor of Mathematical Sciences   
Inequality in Vietnam: Insights from recent Vietnam Living Standards Surveys
Ranjoo Herr, Associate Professor of Philosophy  
Equal Respect for Persons: A Culturally Sensitive Re-exanimation
Anna Siomopoulos, Associate Professor of English    
Public Daydreams: Consumer Citizenship and Hollywood Cinema of the 1930's

2006-2007 – Internal Fellows

Gary David, Associate Professor of Sociology
Samir Dayal, Associate Professor of English
Bonnie Field, Associate Professor of International Studies
Kristin Sorensen, Associate Professor of International Studies