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Bentley Health Thought Leadership Network

Bentley’s Health Thought Leadership Network builds on Bentley's strengths as a business university to advance impactful, transdisciplinary research in health and healthcare.

The Health TLN is a collaborative network of 40+ faculty and staff across 18 departments bridging traditional boundaries in healthcare to foster new partnerships and advance health research that matters.

Health Research with a Business Lens

Bentley faculty conduct health research in the following areas:

  1. Patients & Consumers
  2. Systems & Information
  3. Outcomes & Measures
  4. Technology & Innovation

Faculty Research Spotlight

Nanotechnology, Scientists, and Startups

For entrepreneurs seeking an edge in the business community, look to the field of nanotechnology. You have more to offer than you may think, according to Christopher Skipwith, an assistant professor in the Department of Natural and Applied Sciences and member of the Health Thought Leadership Network at Bentley University.

“The biggest thing I try to cultivate in my students is that you don’t need to be a scientist to have a role in a science-based startup,” says Skipwith, a biophysicist and materials engineer with a research focus in nanotechnology.

“Students can use their extensive business training to make products get to market. They don’t need to be formally-trained scientists,” he says.

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To learn more about Health Research at Bentley and the Bentley Health Thought Leadership Network, contact Danielle Hartigan, Director, Health TLN.Health Thought Leadership Network Logo