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Give N' Go

One falcon's trash is another falcon's treasure

Give 'N Go began with a few Resident Assistants who saw mountains of usable goods piled into Bentley's trash dumpsters every spring.

It is the sustainable Move-Out Program that reduces trash generation, encourages community via student exchange, and reduces students' expenses by reusing a fellow student's "trash." Above all, the program promotes donation because it provides a smart, convenient solution to redistribute reusable items that students no longer need or want.

2015 Give N Go Schedule Tuesday, May 5th – Thursday May 7th (12-6 pm) and Saturday May 9th (10-2)


  • North Campus (T-TH)
  • Main campus green space (T-TH, SAT)
  • Freshman Dorms (T-TH)
  • Parking lot 17 (near Rhodes) (T-TH)
  • Lower campus green space (T-TH, SAT)

Spring 2014 Give 'N Go Results - we collected 14,000 pounds in just 5 days! This number-while impressive- was a reduction compared to last year's results due to logistical/ scheduling changes; our continually evolving process will be assessed for 2015 for maximum donations.

Furniture, clothing, books and bedding are donated to local charities including The Salvation Army, Chesterbrook Afterschool program, Global Thrift Store in Waltham, and Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.

To find out more about these charities, click here.



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