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Give N' Go

One falcon's trash is another falcon's treasure

Give 'N Go began with a few Resident Assistants who saw mountains of usable goods piled into Bentley's trash dumpsters every spring at move out.

It is the sustainable Move-Out Program that reduces trash generation, encourages community via student exchange, and reduces students' expenses by reusing a fellow student's "trash." Above all, the program promotes donation because it provides a smart, convenient solution to redistribute reusable items that students no longer need or want.

Give 'N Go 2016 has concluded!  Please check back here for dates and times for 2017.


  • North Campus (T-TH)
  • Main campus green space (T-TH, SAT)
  • Freshman Dorms (T-TH)
  • Parking lot 17 (near Rhodes) (T-TH)
  • Lower campus green space (T-TH, SAT)

Spring 2016 Give 'N Go Results - we collected 15,199 pounds in just 5 days! This was our best year yet in Give N' Go. A huge thanks to our faculty and staff volunteers, Casella, and the faculty, staff, and students that donated!

Furniture, clothing, books and bedding were donated to the Goodwill NNE. Non-Perishable items were donated to the Salvation Army and local food pantries. 

To find out more about these charities, click here.



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