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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

The Office of Sustainability and Facilities Management are working together to increase water efficiency by installing low-flow bathroom fixtures across campus. Most of our water conservation efforts are focused in sustainable building and renovations. To see more click here

For tips on how you can conserve water, check out this link. 

The majority of the Residence halls are equipped with water-saving, low flow faucets and shower heads. These fixtures reduce the amount of water used by 40%. [Source: EPA WaterSense]. Low-flow faucets and shower heads work by restricting the flow of water while maintaining standard water pressure (approximately 80 psi). Therefore consumers are able to enjoy the same water pressure while conserving water. These fixtures also save energy!

Dual flush toilets have been installed in many buildings on campus. Dual Flush Toilets allow the user to choose a small flush and larger flush to accommodate liquid and solid wastes respectively. The small flush uses 0.9 gallons per flush (GPF) while the large flush uses 1.6 GPF. These types of toilets save both water and money!

Water Bottle Station

Drink Tap, Not Bottled

Touchless Water Bottle Filling Stations

There are over 40 water bottle filling stations on campus located throughout academic and administrative buildings. The touch-free fountains have a sensor which can detect the presence of a bottle and can quickly fill your bottle with filtered, cold water.

Don't have a filling station near your office, academic building or in your residence hall? You can confidently drink tap water from existing water fountains and sinks on our campus. Waltham's tap water is provided by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) and is some of the cleanest in the country. Visit this webpage for more information on Waltham (and Bentley's) tap water.

Check out our Water Bottle Filling Stations Map here.