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Natalie Hayes
Director of Sustainability

Natalie joined Bentley University in 2012 and works to achieve the Office of Sustainability's mission to mobilize sustainable leadership in business by educating students on the business imperative of "triple-bottom line" thinking: considering social and environmental measures along with economic results. Natalie oversees two of the focus areas of our Sustainability and Climate Action Plan: Transportation and Mobility and Materials Management. These focus areas capitalize on her experience and interest in sustainable commuting, infrastructure, travel, material disposal and purchasing.

Natalie is also the architect of our Student Sustainability Leadership (SSL) Program. Our SSL program relies on students to help execute and oversee campus-wide initiatives, cultivates professional skill sets and provides hands on learning opportunities. Natalie also manages the move out donation program, known as Give 'N Go. This wildly successful program keeps tons of material out of the landfills each year by allowing students to donate unwanted items to local charities or swap them to others for reuse.

Sophie Rodgers
Senior Manager of Sustainability

Sophie joined the Office of Sustainability as an employee in the summer of 2020 upon graduation from Bentley University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Liberal Studies in Earth, Environment and Global Sustainability. Prior to becoming an employee, she served as a student sustainability leader (SSL) in the Office of Sustainability, a program she now manages. Sophie assembled and now manages the first committee to oversee the university's Green Revolving Fund. Established with a gift from trustee Nickolas Stavropoulos '79, the fund finances energy efficiency projects and supports student education. Sophie is also a major contributor to the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. She co-chaired the Energy and Building Systems and the Lifelong Learning and Engagement committees that helped shape, and will continue to influence, the universities goals and strategies for the next 10 years.

Student Sustainability Leaders

The Office of Sustainability relies on a team of 6 paid student leaders during the academic year who help execute and oversee the campus-wide initiatives that help us get closer to our community goals. The Student Sustainability Leadership program cultivates professional skills and provides students with hands on learning opportunities, which are integral considering the increasing emphasis on sustainability in the business world. Students can apply each spring for the positions the following fall.

Th​​​​​e Office of Sustainability also employs full time students during the summer from June -- August who help run the office and prepare for the next academic year. These students are hired in early spring for the upcoming summer session.


Interested in applying to be an intern?

Jordyn Garrett headshot

Jordyn Garrett

Assistant Project Manager

Class of 2024

Chris Cassim headshot

Chris Cassim

Social Justice Coordinator

Class of 2026

Kelsey Logan headshot

Kelsey Logan

Campus Engagement Coordinator

Class of 2025

Jenna Kompare

Jenna Kompare

Campus Engagement Coordinator

Class of 2025

Parth Deshmukh headshot

Parth Deshmukh

Campus Engagement Coordinator

Class of 2027

Shreeya Bidawatka headshot

Shreeya Bidawatka

PR and Outreach Specialist

Class of 2027

Sandy Cai headshot

Sandy Cai

Content Creator

Class of 2026