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Sustainable Building and Renovation

Bentley's Sustainable Building Commitment

In the Climate Action Plan, Bentley University has committed to achieving LEED-Silver certification for all new construction and major renovations (renovations greater than 50% replacement value).  In addition, Facilities Management and the Office of Sustainability work together on smaller upgrades and renovations across the campus to ensure that green building principles are being applied.

Sustainable Renovation Projects

Lighting Upgrades

Facilities Management has historically upgraded lighting in one to two buildings per year, including the installation of occupancy sensors and energy-efficient ballasts and lamps.  The majority of Bentley's buildings are equipped with high-efficiency lighting systems including LEDs, CFLs and/or system lighting controls.  Outdoor lighting has also been upgraded to include LED and downlighting to ensure that more of the light is being directed where it is needed.:

Water Conservation

Water-Saving Faucets and Shower Head

The majority of the Residence halls are equipped with water-saving, low flow faucets and shower heads. 

  • These fixtures reduce the amount of water used by 40%.  [Source: EPA WaterSense].
    • Low-flow faucets and shower heads work by restricting the flow of water while maintaining standard water pressure (approximately 80 psi).  Therefore consumers are able to enjoy the same water pressure while conserving water.
  • These fixtures also reduce energy use by 40%.  Energy is related to water use in several ways:
    • Energy is used to heat hot water, if less water is used, less natural gas or electricity is burned to heat the water,
    • Energy is also used to pump water to your faucet and used to pump wastewater (water that goes down the drain) to wastewater treatment plants where more energy is used to treat the water before it is discharged to the environment, if less water is used, less energy is used to pump and treat wastewater. 
  • By reducing the demand for hot water by using low flow shower heads and faucets an average household can cut the emission of 376 pounds and 83 pounds of climate-changing carbon dioxide each year respectively.  Not to mention the savings from treating less wastewater!  [Source: Flex Your Power

Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush toilets have been installed in Stratton House, Slade Hall, Miller Hall, Kresge Hall, Rhodes hall and Boylston Hall. Dual Flush Toilets allow the user to choose a small flush and larger flush to accommodate liquid and solid wastes respectively.

The small flush uses 0.9 gallons per flush (GPF) while the large flush uses 1.6 GPF. 

These types of toilets save both water and money!


The construction of a 3,000 square foot solar thermal wall on the southern external wall of the Dana Athletic Center was completed in September 2009.  The solar wall is made of perforated wall material and is installed several inches from the exterior wall of the building to create an air cavity.

The solar wall, which traps heat from the sun, is hooked up to a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. When the HVAC unit calls for outdoor air, the air is pulled through the solar wall and is heated in the process. The hot air rises up the air cavity created between the solar wall and the building's exterior wall and enters the HVAC unit. By providing the unit with pre-heated air, less energy is required to warm the air to room temperature.  

Water Bottle Refilling Stations

There are currently over 40 Water Bottle Refill Stations installed all over campus! To find out where they are on campus check out this map. And to find out more about our Water Bottle Refilling Stations, check out our Water page. 

Low VOC Paint

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are chemicals released while the paint is in either a soild or liquid state. Through evaporation these chemicals pollute the air and can have adverse health effects on organisms which come in contact with them. Low VOC paint contains levels of VOC which are considerable healthier than other paints.  Bentley has a policy of only using low VOC paints on campus to keep our campus community healthy.