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Delongchamp Family Fund

The Delongchamp Family Endowed Fund (the “fund”), was established in 2015 to support undergraduate professional and co-curricular activities associated with studying sustainability and the triple-bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

The fund was designed to allow students to explore opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach due to funding issues.  These include:

  • Attending a conference,
  • Going to a networking event,
  • Taking an unpaid or a limited paid internship,
  • Pursuing a research project, or
  • Creating a public awareness campaign around sustainability.

To be considered the student must demonstrate how their project, internship or conference attendance will impact both their scholarship at Bentley and the greater Bentley community.

Examples of deliverables include:

  • An essay about the experience submitted to the fund committee after project completion for publication on the Office of Sustainability website or in the Vanguard
  • A presentation to the Bentley community
  • An educational art installation on campus.

Applications are considered by the fund committee which meets three times annually. The committee consists of 5-7 Bentley faculty and staff members who are appointed the Office of Sustainability.  Applications for funding are due to the fund committee by midnight on deadline date. Applications should be sent to

The upcoming deadline dates are:

  • Sunday, February 9th, 2020
  • Sunday, July 5th, 2020
  • Sunday, September 6, 2020

In order to be considered, you can fill out either a digital or paper application.

The paper application includes both:

  1. A completed grant application
  2. A completed funding request form*

To apply for a grant of $100 or less please fill out this short form.

* The committee understands that the budget is an estimate.  You are required to submit receipts for all funds distributed through the fund to avoid paying taxes on the grant.  If you have more than $25 leftover we ask that you return the funds for other grantees.

Delongchamp Family Fund Grant Application Instructions


Conference Suggestions

Travel Form


Spring 2019

​​​​​​Baljmaa Zorig - Net Impact Summit
I attended the 2019 Boston Impact Summit in February with help of generous aid provided by DeLongchamp Family Fund. It was my first time attending the conference organized by Net Impact Boston Chapter and the conference covered wide range of topics including sustainability, inclusion, and diversity. Attending the conference allowed me not only to hear the industry leaders from each panel, but also to network and meet with like-minded people who are passionate about sustainability. This experience encouraged me to take actions and start a Net Impact Chapter at Bentley University for graduate students to advocate sustainability among our fellow students.

Brenden Botehlo - Mass Sustainable Communities Conference
As a Public Policy major, interested in renewable energy and the future of sustainability the conference was a wonderful experience. The sustainable programs and initiatives that are discussed at a macro level in the news have to be implemented by real living people. At the conference I had the opportunity to hear from the mayors, city administrators, and organization executives that are leading the charge to make real change through pragmatic leadership. Most notably getting to meet the Mayor of Cambridge and hearing about the changes he has been implementing in public transit. An area of which I am particularly interested in studying and working in as a look to life after Bentley.

Christina Clune Persichetti - Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard
The Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard University provided a unique opportunity to learn how a variety of “social enterprises” mobilized their resources and network to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues, such as increased global inequalities and environmental conservation. Social and environmental issues are complex and at times incomprehensibly challenging to solve, but the conference explored various strategies to make an organization as effective as possible in its pursuit to solve many of these issues. This conference outlined the role we all need to play, from the individual to large corporations, in tackling the world’s most important and complex problems.

Gia Hoa Lam - Student Sustainability Leadership Symposium
Seeing what other schools are doing in sustainability really puts into perspective how diverse the field really is. It also highlights how complex of an issue sustainability can be just by the culture of a university. The conference made me realize that solutions come from letting students and people at the front lines of sustainability issues have a seat at the table.

Maxwell Urda - Yale Impact Investing Conference

Roma Gujarathi - "The Masks We Wear"
As a graduating senior, I wanted to leave one last mark on Bentley University campus, and the Delongchamp grant allowed me to do so. Through the Masks We Wear event, I was able to connect with community members with whom I would not have otherwise engaged. I was able to have meaningful conversations with these people, learning about which pressures they feel here.The outstanding takeaway for me, however, was that even if we don’t often discuss these ‘masks’ with our peers, we are not alone in feeling these societal pressures. Many Bentley students feel anxious about the hypercompetitive environment and many feel the need to always appear happy. I hope the participants in this project learned that if they if want to discuss these issues, they are not alone, and that peers can support them.

Tatiana Naclerio - National Conference on Undergraduate Research
My experience at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research at Kennesaw State University was truly impactful. I have worked on my research on microplastics and pharmaceutical contaminants in the environment for over eight months. To be able to present it to individuals who were also interested in sustainability and the impacts global climate change has on human health was an extremely gratifying experience. I presented a poster to other undergraduate students and faculty from a variety of universities at the conference regarding my research results as well as answered questions and discussed other potential methods to look into for the future. I was able to network with other undergraduate students who were did similar research and this provides me the opportunity to collaborate with them in the future. Thank you to the Delongchamp Family for making this experience possible and I am excited to continue my research.

Vanessa Dam - Student Sustainability Leadership Symposium
At the 2019 Sustainability Student Leadership Symposium (SSLS) at Brandeis University, I had the chance to hear from and interact with students from several universities in New England to learn about their creative initiatives that represent their commitment to the environment. I was particularly intrigued by Tufts' Meatless Monday and MIT's "Waste Watchers" because of how they embedded an education aspect into their fun and easy-to-understand practices. I enjoyed SSLS because the focus on student life made the subject of sustainability less intimidating to me and encourages me to make small changes that are still impactful.

Zachary Jacobs - Net Impact Summit
The 2019 Net Impact Summit was an amazing experience. I attended a seminar about impact investing, which sparked a great amount of interest as a potential career path for me. Even the seminars that did not pertain to my goal career path were very interesting and they all tie in to each other in the big picture. It was an incredible experience to be around so many industry professionals all who work around sustainability. Their passion and knowledge was radiating and inspiring, and I am very hopeful for my future seeing how much they all enjoyed their professions.

Sophie Rodgers - Student Sustainability Leadership Symposium
On March 3, 2019 I was given the ability to attend the Student Sustainability Leadership Symposium which was held at Brandeis University. This was a one-day conference that was entirely student run. Students from Northeast schools all came together, including students from University of Connecticut, Amherst College, and Tufts. My favorite aspect about this conference was learning from student leaders in sustainability from other schools. Working for the Office of Sustainability and being a part of Students for Sustainable Business, I am always interested in seeing how other schools are incorporating sustainability and gaining awareness. I was also able to connect with student leaders, allowing my network of students interested in the same goals to grow.

Fall 2019

Gianni Pohlemus - Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, in Denver, CO.
At the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, I was able to meet representatives from some of the largest sustainability focused apparel manufacturers in the world. I was able to talk with and make connections with material providers with environment and labor conscious practices. Interesting, I observed a gap between low minimum suppliers of sustainable raw textiles for the demand in the US market. In my venture planning, I am considering how this opportunity can pivot my business strategy.

Large corporations are shifting high volume sellers focused on sustainable innovation. After this conference, I had a better understanding market demand and supply. I am lucky for the opportunity you granted me and I hope to contribute to a rising sustainability tide at Bentley.

Spring 2018

Miraj Patel - Green Sports Alliance Summit
Attending the Green Sports Alliance Conference in Atlanta this summer was an eye-opening experience. It allowed me to see the efforts major sport leagues are creating in order to make sporting events more sustainable and environmentally friendly. I was able to watch and partake in a variety of presentations ranging from the Business of Food to Collegiate Revenue Generation through Recycling. The conference provided me with an ample of new resources and educational tools that I am excited to bring back to Bentley Athletics. I am so thankful to the Delongchamp Fund for allowing me to experience this inspiring event. 

Fall 2017

Kristina Nielsen, Clean Energy Symposium
I was able to attend the Clean Energy Symposium at WPI back in late September. At this conference, I was able to choose to attend two panel discussion out of three. My options were between Solar Photovoltaic, Water Innovation, and Energy Storage. At Solar Photovoltaic, they discussed the ever-expanding use of solar power and how it is becoming a more integrated and accepted use. At Water Innovation, they discussed the processes between converting wastewater back into clean and usable water. Each panel discussion went into depth about the processes of accomplishing these sustainable technologies. Being a student with an LSM in Earth, Environment, and Sustainable Business, this helped me appreciate and understand the processes behind sustainable initiatives. -Kristina Nielsen, Fall 2017

Maria Sole Cappellini, SRI Conference
My experience at the 28th SRI Conference at San Diego, California
SRI Investing Conference has been an incredible experience for me. I had the chance to listen, meet and share ideas with more than 800 experts in the ESG Investing field. I understood how every single dollar invested in the right way could have a positive impact on the environment or on the community.  Attending this event made me aware of the power of money. Investors are fighting problems such as climate change or deforestation by financing the right and ethical companies, without giving up on profits. Overall, attending this event encouraged me even more to work in a field, where I can make a difference for the future of the society and of the planet.  - Maria Sole Cappellini, Fall 2017

Dea Markovic, Net Impact Conference
My experience as a Net Impact Conference attendee was truly positive and impactful. I had the opportunity to listen to the stories and advice of highly successful executives who are models for purpose in action. I attended sessions on a variety of important subjects such as food waste, climate solutions, ethical fashion, as well as personal development workshops on paths to purpose, awareness, and action, and careers in nonprofits. I had the chance to connect with like-minded young professionals and students from around the country and engage in meaningful conversations with them. If I had to choose three adjectives to describe how I return from this experience, they would be inspired, hopeful, and empowered. - Dea Markovic, Fall 2017

Spring 2017

Erika Rouleau, Menus of Change Summit
My time at the 2017 Menus of Change summit was incredible. I sat shoulder to shoulder with some of the brightest minds in the culinary world who, together, are tackling food issues like sustainability, consumer health, and climate challenges around growing food. I have never been so engaged in content that was both fulfilling and empowering. One of my favorite memories was talking with Kimbal Musk (brother of Elon Musk). Kimbal is on a mission to build restaurant brands that support local and real food efforts at scale in America’s heartland. He’s also known for his talk on why “Food is the New Internet”. Kimbal sits on two of his brother’s boards, Tesla and SpaceX, as well as the board of Chipotle. - Erika Rouleau, Spring 2017

Anna Vellante, Kalu Yala
Here at Kalu Yala, each and every intern is pushed to reach their creative limit. Better yet, they are pushed to realize that there is no limit to creativity- there are only opportunities to expand on one’s skills and ideas. As someone who often struggles to unlock their creative side, it is a massive comfort to have the support of the directors and other interns at Kalu Yala to experiment in other areas of academia that I would not have had the confidence to dive into otherwise. Aside from the immense amount of knowledge about sustainable agriculture, and sustainable business in general, that I have already gained, I have been pushed to explore my artistic self every day. - Anna Vellante, Spring 2017

Cyrus Woodman, Wall Street Green Summit
My time today at the 16th Annual Wall Street Green Summit gave me an exceptional opportunity to gain insight on my undergraduate research and network with leading professionals in the field of Sustainable Investing.  With a number of keynote presenters on the agenda from different business backgrounds, the coverage of stakeholder issues at this conference was extremely informative. From investment bank activity in renewable energy projects to international environmental regulation, I was able to see firsthand the different pathways for future research and career endeavors.  I cannot thank the Delongchamp Fund enough, this experience has been a key highlight of my academic career as I culminate my undergraduate studies. - Cyrus Woodman, Spring 2017