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Delongchamp Family Fund

Are you interested in advancing your experience and understanding of sustainability? Apply to the Delongchamp Fund to receive the financial resources you may need to explore the many co-curricular opportunities available!

The Delongchamp Family Endowed Fund supports undergraduates wishing to explore professional and co-curricular opportunities focused on sustainability and the triple-bottom line: people, planet, and profit. This resource provides students with the means to expand their professional network and gain insight on current business initiatives in sustainability. 

How it Works

To be considered the student must demonstrate how their project, internship or conference attendance will impact both their scholarship at Bentley and the greater Bentley community. Students are allowed to apply for up to $1,000 per year.

Applications are considered by the fund committee which meets three times annually. The committee consists of 5-7 Bentley faculty and staff members who are appointed by the Office of Sustainability. Applications for funding are due to the fund committee by midnight on deadline date. Applications should be sent to

Delongchamp Family Fund Committee

How to Apply

For a grant of $100 or less, please fill out this short form:

Delongchamp Family Fund Grant Application Short Form

For grants up to $1000,please fill out this form before the deadlines to be considered:

Delongchamp Family Fund Grant Application

* The committee understands that the budget is an estimate.  You are required to submit receipts for all funds distributed through the fund to avoid paying taxes on the grant.  If you have more than $25 leftover, we ask that you return the funds for other grantees.

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Suggestions for Conferences to Attend

Upcoming Deadline Dates

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday, September 15, 2024

Reginald Fils
I left the conference with a renewed commitment to using my position, whether it be in the private sector or the public sector, for good. Having the opportunity to be in the last public audience that the late Bernard Tyson spoke to will be a memory I will hold dear forever. In the end, I thank you for your generosity which has made an otherwise impossible journey possible.
Reginald Fils '21
AfroTech Conference, Oakland, CA

Delongchamp Awardee Testimonials

Academic year 2023-2024

Andrea Hilsaca Fernandez, ‘26 Supply Chain Management and Sustainability Science: 

Greenhouse Gas Protocol: Product Life Cycle Standard eLearning Course was a comprehensive introductory course to conduct life cycle assessments of products. It comprised ten self-paced modules with case studies, interactive content, and practice questions. I gained experience in how companies identify the products to analyze and how to gather and assess data. During the course, I focused on a 100% cotton t-shirt, assessed its product life cycle and emission data, and generated a public report with reduction targets. I found this course insightful, and I am satisfied with my new understanding of the GHG Protocol Standards and Assessments. I would recommend the course to my peers!

Academic year 2022-2023

Jack Aronson, ’24 Sustainability Science:
Throughout this research opportunity, I have been able to learn and have fun at the same time. While studying the effects of salinity on parasitized and un-parasitized shrimp, I’ve been able to get firsthand experience into what it is like to be a scientist or someone that works in a lab. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me that I have been so thankful to experience. Working alongside talented workers such as Dr. Elizabeth Stoner and Makena Romagnano has truly been a blast while also hard work at the same time. Listen to Jack describe his experience in his own words.

Crystal Chau, ‘23 Business Administration and Management:
Hi! My name is Crystal Chau, and I am a senior majoring in Management with a double minor in Information Design and Corporate Communication (IDCC) and Intermediate Chinese Studies. I am also in pursuit of an MBA through Bentley's Advanced Standing in Business Program Class of 24'. In my free time, I love to travel and spend time with family and friends!

Maddie Connor, ‘25 Management and Earth Environment and Global Sustainability
The 2023 alternative spring break trip to Arizona which I was sponsored and able to attend due to the Delongchamp fund was one of the most transformative experiences I have had thus far in my Bentley Career. Going into the Arizona trip I was unsure of what to expect but knew that it would be one of my first opportunities to study sustainability in the real world rather than in a classroom and particularly in a region that I had not learned much about in my previous academic career. During my time in Arizona, I was able to meet local activists focused on biodiversity, permaculture, endangered species, habitat protection, native plant species restoration, and several other sustainable initiatives with a particular focus on the unique needs of the southwest. I learned about the importance of this region in the scope of sustainability as a whole and how southwest America is one of the most biodiverse, and important ecosystems in the world while also, being a region that is affected by climate change the most. Leaving my time in Arizona I felt inspired and transformed with precise real-world knowledge to push me further in my sustainability studies and drive me to make a change in my further education and career.

Bridget Maher, ’22 Business Administration and Management:
The Nonprofit Leadership Internship I completed over this past summer was one that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have never been skilled at fundraising or mobilizing strangers, but this opportunity was one that was both a challenge and a reward for me. The highlight of my internship was getting to participate in a lobbying meeting with one of Senator Warren’s staff, where we informed him about the work of The Borgen Project and made an ask of no less than a 15% increase to the International Affairs Budget. I also had to create a marketing campaign on a topic of my choice, which I chose the importance of contacting Congress since I felt like not a lot of my peers know how much their voice matters! Listen to Bridget describe her experience in her own words.

Anthony Milluzzo, ‘22 Actuarial Science:
Attending the Lake Worth Science Symposium in November 2022 was an amazing experience. At the Symposium, I listened to presentations on conservation initiatives and various ecological trends and presented a poster on seagrass abundance trends in Lake Worth Lagoon. This was one of the most rewarding academic experiences I have had at Bentley. The Symposium showed me how impactful my project is in promoting positive environmental changes to preserve seagrasses in Lake Worth Lagoon. While it is only a small part to promote these changes, my poster increased the public’s awareness of the importance seagrasses play in sustaining coastal marine ecosystems such as Lake Worth Lagoon. Listen to Anthony describe his experience in his own words.

Makenna Muigai,‘26 Business Economics and Media & Culture:
I was selected as a youth advocate to speak at the conference for Climate Change and Environment: Understanding the impact on Pediatric practice to secure our children's future in Nairobi, Kenya. This was an opportunity for stakeholders in the health field to build a bridge and understanding between the knowledge gap in climate change and healthcare. As a conservation advocate, I was selected to speak based on my past advocacy.

Video of Makenna giving her speech

Bobby Olejarczyk, ‘23 Public Policy and Business Studies:
Presenting my Honors capstone – The Variation in Civic Education – at the 2023 National Pi Sigma Alpha Student Research Conference in Washington D.C. afforded me the unique experience to be surrounded by fellow students and professionals of political science in the United States capital. I was pleased to continue the conversation on the role civic education plays in our American democracy. The opportunity poked at my ever-present curiosity as I also engaged in discussions around Immigration, Climate Change, Race, and Politics. I am grateful to have been provided this formative experience by the Delongchamp Fund as it continues to shape my perspectives and aspirations for the future. Listen to Bobby describe his experience in his own words: Click Here

Academic year 2021-2022

Brodie McPherson, ’22, Sustainability Science:
Thanks to an award from the Delongchamp Fund, I was able to attend the Southeast Environment and Recreation Research Conference in Asheville, North Carolina. At this conference, I presented a poster on research that I conducted while studying abroad in Panama that detailed the socioeconomic and environmental challenges that come along with unsustainable wildlife tourism development. This conference was an amazing experience both personally and academically. We were able to use the poster session, which was less formal and more conversational than a conventional research presentation, to network with students and academics who are also interested in sustainability issues. Listen to Brodie describe his experience in his own words.

Academic year 2020-2021

Aaron Aronshtein, ’21 Finance and Environmental Science:
With this funding, I took online courses with the GHG Institute. These courses allowed me to understand hard concepts that are key to my research on a silvopasture reforestation project. For example, learning about the specifics of additionality in carbon crediting is key to the financial feasibility of future projects.

Sneha Durairaj, ’21 Corporate Finance & Accounting/American Studies:
Through this funding, I was able to manage and help secure the long-term operations of my own nonprofit organization, Legally Ours, focused on improving the quality of legal and professional education accessible to local middle schoolers in order to build a society of sustainable, responsible leaders.

Andrew Hollander, ’21 Business/Managerial Economics, Sustainability Science:
Over the past four months, I've been fortunate enough to help out on the RegenX project. I remember the words spoken by Lorraine Smith, writer and independent consultant whose purpose is to contribute to the shift to a regenerative economy, as she described her vision for this new tool, "What we're trying to do is impossible." In trying to turn the impossible into reality, I had the pleasure of working with an international team of diverse experiences. I dove headfirst into the unfamiliar realm of regeneration. Months of planning, research, and discussion led to the RegenX Scenario Tool prototype.

Prerana Mistry, ’22 Economic-Finance:
I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be an intern for Global Smile Foundation this summer. GSF goes to underdeveloped countries around the world to offer patient care to children that have birth deformities that are near the mouth. This company is giving children the ability to speak and eat properly, which is something that most people take for granted. The internship gave me perspective on the socio economic issues that are prevalent around the world. It showed me that the economy as a whole can prosper when underprivileged families are aided with mouth surgeries. This is because that child will no longer be a burden in the house and has the potential to earn wages. Due to the pandemic, I was mostly working remotely by helping them with the website. However, when I did go into the office, I was able to listen and offer my input on the company's next projects. I have gained an immense amount of knowledge on social sustainability through this experience that was funded through the Delongchamp Fund.

Academic year 2019-2020

Yasmeen Alwani: 
Socially Responsible Investing Conference, Colorado Springs, CO provided an opportunity to learn about how sustainability is a new discipline shaping the entire financial industry and the impact it drives on a global scale. This three-day event had over 1,000industry professionals, 50seminars, 100, sponsors, 30 scholar recipients, and more. It brought together a community of thought leaders, industry experts, and young talent with similar values into a space to discuss the evolution of SRI and its influence on the current and future investment landscape. It was incredibly inspiring, empowering, and motivating to attend alongside some of the brightest minds and share my experience to the Bentley community and through Bentley Sustainable Investment Group.

​​​​​​Alexandra Banasiewicz:
Students for Zero Waste Conference in Philadelphia, PA an incredibly eye-opening experience. Not only was it beneficial to get perspectives outside of those at Bentley, but I also benefited from being able to learn from people further on their zero waste journeys. Additionally, the intersectionality at the event was integral to providing context to our discussions and reducing waste on campus. Seeing where waste fits in to broader issues such as poverty, racism, and inequality was very helpful. I now have a better understanding of tactical solutions as well as the up-stream issues that cause and increase waste.  

Sara Buitrago Montoya:
Sustainability Bags for Residents 

Christina Cramer:
Net Impact conference, Detroit, MI was my first time attending and it was well worth it. I left with a fresh perspective on business, particularly with regard to sustainability and how possible it is to incorporate sustainability practices into a successful business. The speakers and workshops were very engaging, and I was able to make connections to other like-minded students and professionals in all sectors. I left with a drive to utilize my strengths and resources to engage the challenge of changing the world for the better. I felt the need to further connect my passion to my purpose.

Vanessa Dam:
At the 2019 Sustainability Student Leadership Symposium (SSLS) at Brandeis University, I had the chance to hear from and interact with students from several universities in New England to learn about their creative initiatives that represent their commitment to the environment. I was particularly intrigued by Tufts' Meatless Monday and MIT's "Waste Watchers" because of how they embedded an education aspect into their fun and easy-to-understand practices. I enjoyed SSLS because the focus on student life made the subject of sustainability less intimidating to me and encourages me to make small changes that are still impactful.

Reginald Fils:
The AfroTech Conference was simply transformative, this experience allowed me to see myself reflected in thought-leaders from around the world who want to use marketing, tech, and business to make the world more equitable, more just, and more accessible for marginalized communities. I left the conference with a renewed commitment to using my position, whether it be in the private sector or the public sector, for good. Having the opportunity to be in the last public audience that the late Bernard Tyson spoke to will be a memory I will hold dear forever. In the end, I thank you for your generosity which has made an otherwise impossible journey possible. 

Rebecca Heller:
Attending the PLAN conference on Zero Waste advocacy was a great opportunity to gain a new perspective that I was unable to find at Bentley. The Delongchamp fund allowed me to invest in my interests and expand on the fantastic business knowledge that Bentley has provided to begin working towards solutions to global problems. Gaining knowledge from a group of students who come from a different perspective and comparing solutions was something that I found to be incredibly rewarding. The Delongchamp fund allowed me the opportunity to expand my horizons and round out my education and I am incredibly grateful.

Matthew Larkin: 
As an attendee of Net Impact’s Impact Investing Series, I was introduced to so many different paths that I could pursue in the world of sustainable development, such as ESG portfolio management, economic consulting, and sustainable data analysis. Net Impact’s professional chapter in Boston was able to bring in company founders, institutional investors, and college professors who all share a common passion for making a positive social change. With a small group of about 20-25 industry professionals and student search week, I was able to receive one on one advice in regards to my own passions and how exactly I should pursue them. This was an amazing event that only furthered my interest in making an environmentally conscious impact on the business world as an undergraduate student and beyond.

Bella Natale: 
During the weekend of 10/24/2019 - 10/26/2019, I was fortunate to attend the 2019 Net Impact conference in Detroit, MI, thanks to the Delongchamp Fund at Bentley University. I am so grateful that I was able to take advantage of a fund that provided me with the support to be able to explore my intended career path. This experience provided me the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are committed to responsible, sustainable, and ethical business. I am proud to be a part of this community of global change makers and cannot wait to integrate what I have learned into my professional career!

Jillian Offermann:
While at the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE), I produced multiple videos for children looking for adoptive homes. This was a challenging and rewarding experience. This internship allowed me to work independently, while also offering creative freedom. Each child had their own story and it was my job to produce a video that effectively displayed their unique personalities. It was amazing to see how resilient these children are, making me even more determined in my own work. They were a constant reminder as to why I chose to work in the non-profit sector and why I love what I do. 

Joshua Pickelny:
The 2019 Net Impact Conference was by far the most beneficial experience I have been provided while at Bentley. While I knew that I wanted to study economics and sustainability while in school, I was unaware of the specific path I wanted to follow to evoke change.  By attending the Net Impact Conference, I was able to network with professionals across many disciplines and learn about how they made a positive impact through their work. These ranged from sustainable investing and consulting, to public policy and alternative energy. I now have a better understanding of how I can make a difference. In addition to that, it also served as a mental recharge. Being surrounded by likeminded individuals with similar dedication to the world, it renewed my faith in the outlook for the future. Overall, it was an outstanding experience to be inspired and taught by those equally as passionate about change.

Diana Solares:
I was fortunate to attend the 2019 Net Impact conference in Detroit, MI. This experience provided me the opportunity to connect with professionals and students who have the drive to create change in the workplace and in the world. I am proud to be a part of this community that will continue to make a positive social, environmental, and economic impact! Being able to attend Net Impact conference this year expanded my desire to help underprivileged communities and gave me the opportunity to network and meet with leaders that are making concrete and constant changes to improve different communities. After attending the conference, I realized how much change could be done. The conference inspired me to continue working towards my deep desire to change people’s life in a positive way, especially, to help those who need it the most.

Academic year 2018-2019

Brenden Botehlo:
As a Public Policy major, interested in renewable energy and the future of sustainability the conference was a wonderful experience. The sustainable programs and initiatives that are discussed at a macro level in the news have to be implemented by real living people. At the Mass Sustainable Communities Conference, I had the opportunity to hear from the mayors, city administrators, and organization executives that are leading the charge to make real change through pragmatic leadership. Most notably getting to meet the Mayor of Cambridge and hearing about the changes he has been implementing in public transit. An area of which I am particularly interested in studying and working in as a look to life after Bentley.

Christina Clune Persichetti:
The Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard University provided a unique opportunity to learn how a variety of “social enterprises” mobilized their resources and network to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues, such as increased global inequalities and environmental conservation. Social and environmental issues are complex and at times incomprehensibly challenging to solve, but the conference explored various strategies to make an organization as effective as possible in its pursuit to solve many of these issues. This conference outlined the role we all need to play, from the individual to large corporations, in tackling the world’s most important and complex problems.

Roma Gujarathi:
As a graduating senior, I wanted to leave one last mark on Bentley University campus, and the Delongchamp grant allowed me to do so. Through the Masks We Wear event, I was able to connect with community members with whom I would not have otherwise engaged. I was able to have meaningful conversations with these people, learning about which pressures they feel here. The outstanding takeaway for me, however, was that even if we don’t often discuss these ‘masks’ with our peers, we are not alone in feeling these societal pressures. Many Bentley students feel anxious about the hypercompetitive environment and many feel the need to always appear happy. I hope the participants in this project learned that if they if want to discuss these issues, they are not alone, and that peers can support them.

Gia Hoa Lam:
Attending the Student Sustainability Leadership Symposium allowed me to see what other schools are doing in sustainability and really puts into perspective how diverse the field really is. It also highlights how complex of an issue sustainability can be just by the culture of a university. The conference made me realize that solutions come from letting students and people at the front lines of sustainability issues have a seat at the table.

Zachary Jacobs:
The 2019 Net Impact Summit was an amazing experience. I attended a seminar about impact investing, which sparked a great amount of interest as a potential career path for me. Even the seminars that did not pertain to my goal career path were very interesting and they all tie into each other in the big picture. It was an incredible experience to be around so many industry professionals all who work around sustainability. Their passion and knowledge was radiating and inspiring, and I am very hopeful for my future seeing how much they all enjoyed their professions.

Tatiana Naclerio:
My experience at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research at Kennesaw State University was truly impactful. I have worked on my research on microplastics and pharmaceutical contaminants in the environment for over eight months. To be able to present it to individuals who were also interested in sustainability and the impacts global climate change has on human health was an extremely gratifying experience. I presented a poster to other undergraduate students and faculty from a variety of universities at the conference regarding my research results as well as answered questions and discussed other potential methods to look into for the future. I was able to network with other undergraduate students who were did similar research and this provides me the opportunity to collaborate with them in the future. Thank you to the Delongchamp Family for making this experience possible and I am excited to continue my research.

Gianni Pohlemus:
At the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, I was able to meet representatives from some of the largest sustainability focused apparel manufacturers in th:
e world. I was able to talk with and make connections with material providers with environment and labor conscious practices. Interesting, I observed a gap between low minimum suppliers of sustainable raw textiles for the demand in the US market. In my venture planning, I am considering how this opportunity can pivot my business strategy.

Large corporations are shifting high volume sellers focused on sustainable innovation. After this conference, I had a better understanding market demand and supply. I am lucky for the opportunity you granted me and I hope to contribute to a rising sustainability tide at Bentley.

Sophie Rodgers:
On March 3, 2019 I was given the ability to attend the Student Sustainability Leadership Symposium which was held at Brandeis University. This was a one-day conference that was entirely student run. Students from Northeast schools all came together, including students from University of Connecticut, Amherst College, and Tufts. My favorite aspect about this conference was learning from student leaders in sustainability from other schools. Working for the Office of Sustainability and being a part of Students for Sustainable Business, I am always interested in seeing how other schools are incorporating sustainability and gaining awareness. I was also able to connect with student leaders, allowing my network of students interested in the same goals to grow.

Maxwell Urda:
Yale Impact Investing Conference

Baljmaa Zorig:
I attended the 2019 Boston Net Impact Summit in February with help of generous aid provided by DeLongchamp Family Fund. It was my first time attending the conference organized by Net Impact Boston Chapter and the conference covered wide range of topics including sustainability, inclusion, and diversity. Attending the conference allowed me not only to hear the industry leaders from each panel, but also to network and meet with like-minded people who are passionate about sustainability. This experience encouraged me to take actions and start a Net Impact Chapter at Bentley University for graduate students to advocate sustainability among our fellow students.