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Discover how easy it is to bike to work or school!

Riding a bike to work or school is a sustainable and healthy way to start your day. Biking to work is a fun way to get in shape, possibly make some friends and become more immersed in your community.

Bentley offers bicycling resources to the Bentley community to encourage our faculty, staff and students to choose this low-carbon method of commuting to work and school more often. The choice to commute by bike directly impacts Bentley's carbon footprint by reducing emissions from commuting and is an important part of Bentley's efforts to combat climate change.

Bike Parking and Commuter Showers

Bentley provides showers for those who choose to walk, run or bike to and from campus. There are three locations where showers are available: (1) the third floor of Morison, Room 315, (2) the first floor of Jennison, Room 127, and (3) the Dana Center locker rooms.

Bentley offers bike racks in 9 locations on campus for faculty, staff, students and visitors to securely lock their bikes.

Here is a link to the map of the bike racks on campus.

Bike Fix-It Station


Located on the Morison porch facing LaCavaClose up Unit

The Dero Bike Fix-it station includes all the tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. The tools and air pump are securely attached to the stand with stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. Hanging the bike from the hanger arms allows the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments. Find Out More!

Generously donated by the BMBA 2014 graduating class.

AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance

AAA offers a roadside assistance program dedicated to bikes. The program includes perks such as roadside repairs if something breaks, and free rides if they cannot help you fix your bike. Find Out More!


Bike Safety

Click here to watch the League of American Bicyclists' bike safety videos.