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Swipe Out Hunger Program

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swipe Out Hunger?

Swipe Out Hunger is a program designed to provide support to Bentley students who are experiencing food insecurity and educate our campus community about food insecurity.

This program was designed using best practices provided by Swipe Out Hunger, a national non-profit that supports colleges in developing programs to meet the needs of food insecure students. To find out more about the organization, please visit

What are the eligibility requirements to receive a donated meal swipe?
Any Bentley student experiencing food insecurity is eligible for this program.

How does a student apply for donated meal swipes?
Students can request meal swipes by completing this simple form.

How does the student receive a requested meal swipe? 
Within two business days after the request is  approved, the requested number of meal swipes will be added to the student's Bentley ID and they will receive an email from Swipe Out Hunger letting them know their meal swipes are available to use.

What happens after a student submits a request to receive donated meal swipe?
Once the student completes the meal swipe request form, the meal swipe request is reviewed and awarded as determined by the Bentley Swipe Out Hunger Committee. The committee is comprised of Bentley staff members who work in various student-facing departments within Bentley University. All requests are confidential.

How often can a student request a donated meal swipe?
Students can request donated meal swipes as often as they need, up to 25 meal swipes per trimester.

Where can the meal swipes be used on campus?
A meal swipe can be used in The 921. It can be used as a meal trade at LaCava Café, Harry's and Currito. Meal trades will be used to purchase (1) entree, (1) side and (1) drink.They can also be used through the GrubHub app. Meal swipes awarded through Swipe Out Hunger will not carry over to the next semester.

How does the meal swipe donation program work?
Meal swipes are donated by Bentley students, faculty and staff by completing an online form. Students can donate up to five meal swipes per trimester. Donations can be made by students here. Faculty and staff can donate here.

How many meal swipes can a student donate? How can they donate?
Students can donate up to 5 meal swipes per trimester. Donations can be made by students here.

What can I do if I work at Bentley and I know of a student that is in need but not willing to reach out for support?
Please email and we will contact you confidentially.

If you have additional questions, want to get involved promoting the Swipe Out Hunger program on campus, or need help applying to this program, please email