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Financial Assistance

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Student Hardship Fund

Unexpected challenges shouldn't prevent you from completing your Bentley education

The Student Hardship Fund was established in 2020, initially in response to COVID-19, to ensure that every Bentley student can focus on their education, even when facing unexpected duress. It is intended to assist students with unforeseen costs that may arise outside of the standard costs of education. If you have to leave campus for an emergency and don't have the funds to fly back; if you require unexpected out-of-pocket medical care; if your housing is at risk due to a change in living circumstances -- none of these financial challenges should interrupt your Bentley education.

The Student Hardship Fund is supported by donations from alumni, trustees, faculty, staff, parents, friends and even other students who are dedicated to helping every Falcon successfully reach the end of their academic journey.

In the first three months of the Student Hardship Fund






Students received funding

Even classmates got involved. At the end of the spring semester, Michael Harris ’20, Thomas Komar ’20 and Amanda Shoemaker ’21 were learning how to create an online store in Experimental Marketing, and they decided to donate the profits from their venture to the Student Hardship Fund.

“Bentley's always been there when I've been in need — like when my mom lost her job during my first year. So being able to help now is very meaningful,” said Komar.

If you find yourself in an unexpected time of need, rest assured that the Bentley community will do its best to rally around you.

Who's eligible?

Bentley students at either the graduate or undergraduate level may apply for hardship funding for the semester in which they are enrolled. Requests for funding are generally approved for amounts up to $500, though in certain cases there may be some flexibility. Students should be prepared to provide documentation of their expenses at the request of the committee. Please note that all applications to the Student Hardship Fund are reviewed in conjunction with information on file with the Office of Financial Assistance and other relevant offices on campus, as applicable.

To be considered eligible, as student must:

  • Be a matriculated student pursuing courses toward a Bentley degree.
  • Be currently enrolled in the term they are applying for funds.
  • Be in good standing.
  • Demonstrate financial hardship due to a situation that that jeopardizes the student's ability to successfully continue in school.
  • Consider and utilize other sources of funding as appropriate.

The following are examples of costs that may arise because of hardship while an enrolled student:

  • Travel cost associated with personal or family emergency.
  • Unanticipated emergency health and medical costs not covered by insurance.
  • Temporary support costs for a student in a dangerous situation.
  • Replacement costs of essential personal belongings in the event of theft or damage not covered by insurance.
  • Housing or food insecurity due to costs resulting from non-fault student employment change or other unforeseen circumstances.

The following are examples of costs not likely to be funded:

  • Expected tuition, fees, living expenses and other standard costs of education like books and personal expenses (exceptions may exist for replacing educational resources in the event of theft or damage).
  • Study abroad costs
  • Expenses related to conferences and professional development
  • Travel costs associated with field trips and other school-sponsored trips
  • Non-essential expenses (e.g., library fines and, gym membership, parking tickets)
  • Support of student's family members (exceptions may exist for students who support dependents).
Who approves the funding?

A committee of Bentley faculty and staff, including representatives from the Division of Student Affairs, Financial Assistance, Office of the Controller and University Advancement, reviews each application and determines eligibility and funding. Decisions on applications should be available within approximately 10 business days and will be communicated to students through Bentley email. 

The committee meets to discuss applicants every 2 weeks. The committee does not meet when the university is closed ( ie Fall Break, Winter Break). 

Do you qualify for funding?


If you have questions about the Student Hardship Fund, please email or 781-891-2161 during business hours.

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