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Cost and Billing

The Cost of Attendance contains both direct (billed) and indirect costs for the academic year. Direct costs include tuition, fees, and room an board (for resident students). Indirect expenses are books, supplies, and personal expenses. The figures listed below are reasonable estimates of what you might expect to spend for one academic year at Bentley. An allowance is added for travel costs if you live beyond the New England/New York/New Jersey area.

The amount included in the standard resident budget for room and board is based on the cost of a basic double dormitory room and the standard meal plan required for first-year students. If you choose more expensive accommodations, the additional cost incurred is not covered by need-based financial aid. Conversely, if you choose less-expensive accommodations, your financial aid is not reduced. Please note, financial aid is split evenly between terms although housing costs per term may vary.

2020-2021 Cost of Attendance

Campus Housing Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Total
Tuition & Fees $26,895 $26,895 $53,790
Room and Board * $7,045 $8,365 $15,410
Books and Supplies (estimate) $663 $663 $1,326
Personal Expense (estimate) $625 $625 $1,250
New Student Enrollment Fee ** $250 $0 $250
Total *** $35,478 $36,548 $72,026

The cost of attendance for students who commute does not include room and board and is estimated at $61,430 for 2020-2021. The cost of attendance for students studying remotely will exclude transportation allowances. Summer costs are estimated to be the same as Spring. Individual costs for Summer 2021 will be dependent on housing choices and eligibility for free tuition.

* Room and board costs may vary based on actual accommodations and board plan selected. Room and board estimates for students living in an off-campus apartment (not with parents or a relative) may differ slightly than those estimated for on-campus housing.

**New first-year and transfer students are charged a one-time $250 new student enrollment fee.

*** All students are also assessed a student health insurance fee estimated to be $1,991. The fee can be waived if you can demonstrate comparable coverage under your family plan. You will receive more information on the waiver process with your fall term bill.

Tuition and Fees

The figures provided for tuition and fees include support of ongoing technology services as well as new initiatives to support teaching, learning, and technology on campus and in the living spaces. They also cover operational funds for numerous student organizations and activities, which complement the academic experience through cultural, educational, social and recreational programs. These figures were previously represented as separate charges in the form of a technology fee and student activity fee.

Books and Personal Expenses

The figures provided for books and supplies and personal expenses are reasonable estimates based on the expenditures of a typical Bentley students. These estimates are evaluated and updated each year, and actual costs may vary. Students with expenses that exceed these estimates may contact the Office of Financial Assistance about borrowing additional loan funds to cover them.

Tuition Insurance

As a supplement to the University Refund Policy, Bentley offers a Tuition Insurance program through Liberty Mutual Insurance, which provides 100 percent refund of all insured tuition, room and board, and certain fees. Coverage includes withdrawal due to illness, injury, mental health issues and other reasons. Visit the Tuition Insurance page to learn more.